Finally they use my idea

a couple of months ago, I said they need to sell the ultimate skins o they can some dough on the side, lets be honest we know they are greedy and we cant do anything from stopping it. so I bought the longjohnsuke skin, and I love it.

thing is, we all know that all ultimate skins have some sort of debuff, I'm guessing handsuke has a lowered damage? is that the debuff? or is it something else? I know slasher drakk has the debuff of after getting to a certain health he cant be healed
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  • gmungmun Member
    Drak is the only one with a negative effect. Its arguably not even worth the tradeoff of not being able to heal.

    Han and Lily ultimate skins have no negatives, and also work well (even op) together. Lily's skin is quite on the OP side IMO.
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