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First off, I'll say I'm not against spending money on a game I enjoy. However, I need to feel I get some value for my money. I'll never spend 50 on a skin or 35 on a few tokens and evos to ascend a hero I already have ascended but I'd kick out 5 or even 10 bucks once in a while if it meant worthy guild rewards and enhanced fun. That's where this game is terribly lacking. In the current event, why on earth would anyone buy a boost unless you are competing for top spot? 6-10th only get a greater rune.
I get it that the pay to win mentality is here to stay but I encourage Dungeon boss to find a way to make it fun for players that arnt in top guilds and dont want to spend a fortune. My first suggestion is increasing rewards greatly. If I could snag an elite rune in the top 50 that would encourage me to spend a little. I get you would need to increase the top payouts to justify this but who cares? From what I'm imagining the top guild spent I'd say they deserve it. I have to believe thousands of players feel the same way, drawing a little money from each would pay off big for boss fight in the end.@joel


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    I agree, I'm also not against spending a few bucks to support this game and don't regret the times that I have, but being forced too to even be pvp efficient (p2w skins etc) leaves a very bad taste in my mouth and has completely eliminated ANY chance of dropping another dime on this garbage.

    Whoever the marketing team in bf is now should be canned, this game has not in one way improved to any degree to warrant such aggressive inflation in paywalled content. This event blows, the rewards have sucked from every event the past few months and even winter fest which has been a quite exciting event in the past was ruined by greed, thanks boss fight.

    I am sure if more reasonable deals, such as the daily gems and more reasonably priced packages would generated more sales.

    The problem though is that there are indeed people that can and will pay these prices just to have that upper edge on others on a phone app, hundreds of real life dollars to have a 6 star hero the week it comes out, as long as the rich kids buy into this crap bf will continue to roll out the cash grabs and "loot passes".

    This game is ruined, bf doesn't care enough to read the complaints let alone respond, they are there to make money, would just be way better if they were like most other vg companies and made more than one game to generate more than trying to bleed it out of a phone app game spitting in the faces of those who helped support it the previous years.

  • I agree that it seems like there is no response and only a money grab at the moment but I dont think the game is beyond repair. Offer the ultimate skins for gems or aether. Even at 50k gems the price is very steep but a player could save up enough dailies to obtain them. And who knows, if they get close enough maybe some would purchase the remaining. I'd also like to see event boosts purchasable with gems. Maybe this would allow non competitive guilds to save up and play spoiler in 1 or 2 events throughout the year. At the very least, it would keep the top guilds on their toes and most likely keep their wallets open. Otherwise, they will only spend what they need to win, and once they realize that's less than they are spending now any profits will tank
  • The average player needs to spend so that Bossfight can afford something better than Shiner Bock im their kegerator.
  • They don't get the concept of microtransactions.

    They'd rather bank on 5-10% of the player base spending $10-25+ dollars per event, rather than 80-90% of the player base spending up to $10 per event. If it were $2-3 for repeatable boosts.. you'd still have almost all members of every competitive guild spending at least 1-2 times.. and the wales can still feast. F2P players will always be F2P.

    I did spend the 900 gems for 30 days.. for the couple months when they offered which worked out to be what.. $3 a day? Since they took it away.. $0 spent.

    Mind blowing.
    Don’t you wish it was easier, wish you were better.
  • the problem is they don't have a large enough ACTIVE player base to survive on micro transactions. They have gone down this road so far and taken so much of the fun out of the game that they can't possibly have more than 5000 - 6000 active players that might spend. They need to bring they fun back and balance the game so everyone enjoys it, build an ACTIVE player base to 100k-500k and then wow. the micro transactions roll in.
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