Gystanium The Guardian Robot

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Gystanium The Guardian Robot

Gystanium would Gain a very high amount of
health once ascended for the first time because he needs it to survive his Main Trait and
I thought up an idea coz u know in some games adding a star to heroes changes their title
well i thought that should happen with ascensions for Dungeon boss heroes so i'll be
doing that for my heroes now

Starts at 3 Stars (100 token unlock)
Element]: Light/Electric/Yellow
Tags]: Slow Legendary Construct Tank

RuneSlots]: Light, Light, Light, Water, Universal(Light),
(Universal is a made up rune slot which means any rune can go there but if the
favourite rune of the universal slot is chosen then the hero gains a buff for example

Universal W is +20% max health when water rune is put in and
Universal F is +20% attack when fire rune is put in and
Universal W is +20% max health when water rune is put in and
Universal N is +20% Defence when nature is put in and
Universal D is +35% Lifesteal when dealing damage (heal 35% of damage dealt by this hero and effects don't count) and
Universal L is +20% Crit Chance when a light rune is put in

Looks]: looks like Golurk from Pokemon kinda but he's a bit different but also not
too tall but he is big and he's white with gold stripes and outlines somewhere
and black springy bits for his short legs and he's kinda round with a kinda round head but
maybe a bit square coz of dungeon boss and he looks cooler with ascensions and gains shoulder pads and stuff and
also has a hammer that looks like Sub Zero's Armour and gadgets and
the hammer has a rune symbol that glows blue on the hammer part of the hammer

0 Ascend]: Gystanium The Guardian Robot

Slow]: Attacks last but increases base Attack and Health by 25% This Hero also has a 100% base
chance to make a basic revenge attack when hit by a melee attacker

Armoured]: Takes 25% less damage from physical attacks

Super Futuristic]: Super Futuristic]: Starts dungeons with Foresight and Aegis Shield
(does not mean they are from the far future but they might be if they have this

Magical]: Takes 25% Less Damage From Non-Physical Attacks

Construct]: Can’t be healed but is invulnerable to debuffs

Honor Guard]: Will jump in front of a single target death blow attack on an ally

1st Ascend]: Gystanium The Indestructible
35 Light Evo Monarchs|40 Water Evos|2 Astral Evos|4 Arane Evos

Damage Transfer]: This Hero takes 25% of the damage allies receive
(for example 2 of your allies get hurt for 400 each then
this hero takes 100 damage and 100 damage again coz 100 is 25% of 400 I think and
2 allies got hurt so the allies only take 300 damage each instead

Indestructible]: Starts Dungeons with Unbreakable Heart

Just a Scratch]: Any melee attacker that has a lower ATK rating
than this hero's DEF rating will only do 1 damage to this hero and will raise this hero's
ATK 10% (up to an additional 100%). Increase in ATK will reset with next encounter(so like rooms in campaign)

2nd Ascend]: Gystanium The Protector Of All
40 Light Evos|4 Diamond Evos|2 Spirit Evos

Indestructible]: REMOVED

The Harder They Fall A chance to knock enemies Off-Balance when dying
(this chance can be altered by resistances, so even the 100% is not a total guarantee)

Team Energy Vault]: 100% chance (immunity) that the team not will lose Energy from an enemy attack

Indestructible II]: Starts Dungeons with Unbreakable Heart and heals or repairs self at the end
of every round (less than Field Dressing but also not too little heal)


Futuristic Hammer]: {BASIC} Physical Melee attack on target enemy with chance to daze,
Every Time this attack hits the target enemy, this hero gains one stack of Future Orb (max 5 stacks)
which will increase this basic attack damage by 10%

Electro Ball]: {5 Turn Cooldown} Ranged Lightning attack Throws an Electro ball
at target enemy and dealing splash damage to all other enemies if the Electro ball hits
the target which applies Paralysis to the target only and shocked to all enemies

Arcane Shield]: {6 Turn Cooldown} All Allies gain aegis Shield and +20% Attack buff for 2 turns

Rocket Launcher]: {5 Turn Cooldown} Ranged Physical Attack Shoots a missile at each enemy which
applies Burn

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