Note to Devs

I recently saw a video that showed how Destiny had failed and how they came back. The main point to take from it is that the marketing team should not make the decisions. If the game creators make the game, it thrives, people love it, AND it makes *MONEY*. If marketing teams make the game, it's all a cash grab and they lose all their fanbase. Now make the good decision and invest in the future of the game, something that will continuously make money and you can retire with a constant flow of money, rather than getting a couple bucks right now and shutting down.


  • Destiny was a fail the moment they announced destiny 2, but I knew not to get hooked on a game that had a "10 year plan". obviously they weren't going to update the game over 10 years but make you pay for an entirely new game while your progress doesn't even carry over. Also paying $20 or even $40 for expansions and then not even a month later they release a legendary edition that's $60 like the original BUT includes the expansions. Like hey, you could've just waited and got the complete game with xpacs for the same price but where they get you is you HAVE to buy the xpacs when they release because all the players move to playing xpac stuff only and you can't if you don't have it. You also know if you wait for the bundle then you fall behind and the xpacs will be deserted almost.

    This game however cannot go back. This isn't the same type of game. I wouldn't be surprised if it was planned to end like this where it's just full cash grab to win. Like 5 year development plan. First couple years we won't bother the players but after that we have plans to make it p2w by only releasing heroes if you pay money. It's a formula. Even Apple is doing it with their phones. I mean hoe many iphones do we need? There's so many models and they barely change.
  • Well you don't need the new phones. They are releasing heroes SO MUCH BETTER than you have to choice but to pay money or lose.
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