Jin + Shield Piercing Rune

The pre-epic Jin with a shield piercing rune would pierce shields on follow up attacks (Honorbound, Valkin, etc). The post-epic Jin with the same shield piercing rune does NOT pierce shields on basic follow up attacks. Seems to me this is bugged or if it was intended, the rune value has decreased substantially as it is a very niche rune to begin with.


  • You have to pay more money. $3.50
  • bvs72bvs72 Member
    It is not working as intended but we still want your money. We thank you for buying the epic and will fix the bug after the epic is free.
  • HammerdinHammerdin Member
    edited January 26
    Follow up to this issue. Seems the shield piercing rune is still buggy. I unequipped the shield piercing rune (Nature) and reequipped the rune and it now seems to pierce shields properly (fantastic!). Solution for fixing this is simply to remove the rune, then upgrade Jin’s epic and re-equip, as it seems to happen if the shield piercing rune is equipped during the transition of upgrading Jin’s epic (change to basic attack).

    HOWEVER, this introduces a new bug which is potentially worse! It makes Jin vulnerable to silence (he is supposed to be immune with his Ride the Lightning passive). Please be advised.

  • WasiWasi Member
    edited January 26
    Are you sure it’s not just a visual bug? Ie like when you bring Craw to counter opposition Jin, all your heroes still have AOE abilities even though the visual shows they are silenced.

    Not sure if the devs have advised on this bug fix as yet?
    The Potato Army
  • HammerdinHammerdin Member
    edited February 13
    Nope, this is not a visual bug you see with Craw. The phenomenon you are referring to (which is also probably a bug) is when Craw counteracts Jin’s silence but, visually, it “appears” they are silenced. Here Jin is *actually* silenced. Which he shouldn’t be... since he is immune even against another Jin.
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