Buff Streak - worst idea ever

Can someone explain how this helps anyone? Why don't they just make everyone level 80 to start with now? Slow leveling is dead...RIP. Noobs will be level 80 with horrible stars and runes. Meta doesn't benefit because they can beat those players in PvP anyway. Please at least let us opt out of this!!!


  • AGREE! AND NO WARNING IT'S unavoidable. I logged out against Guild pvp wins event. And got screwed.

    PvP wins gone
    Guild pvp event hurt
    piles of Player points

    I'm sure they'll be sorry later but my GUILD! My PVP!

    I traded a day of play for NOTHING!
  • TopKnightTopKnight Member
    edited February 6
    It is a win for the game. The developers will make money by people paying to beef up their new rosters. This positive income stream will help keep the game going for a few more years.
  • bvs72bvs72 Member
    But, it’s free!
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  • #keepthestreak
  • danacdanac Member
    I can't tell you how happy I am that at level 80 I'm getting 4x the experience for everything.

    I'm counting on them keeping track so when they go up to level 90 all that 4x experience will have been accrued and I get right there.

  • What are you people talking about? This IS 1x experience points, they just kept it at 1/4 power.

    I do wish that if they want to keep this, could we at least get it removed as an event?
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