Bring back the offer icon.

As cluttered as your UI is I dont see the need to now have the offer tab permanently open. (We'll I do know why you feel the need to leave it open, but that's a different conversation.)

Give gamers a tiny bit of credit. We knew the offer tab was there, we constantly saw the little numbers there that would never go away because there is always a new offer you want us to know about. The people who are interested in spending money knew how to touch the icon and bring up said offers, and the people who were not interested knew to avoid it. All this change does is reinforce the idea to an already bitter community that you are money grubbing. When you also consider the fact that you have a full screen ad pop up whenever you have a new lootpass/offer it's getting to the point where you need an ad-blocker exclusive to this game, just to get away from all the "in your face" offers you feel we cannot forget about for more than a minute.

although, knowing you, I wouldn't be surprised if I logged in next week to find a new full page ad offering an adblocking lootpass for 49.99
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