How do damage boosts work ?

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I'm posting this because I'm just tired of making assuptions

If, for example, an attack is made with two active 2x damage boosts, overall, will it become a 3x or a 4x damage ?

At this scale there's not much difference but with specific heroes like Agnon or Viperia / Zola on statues it becomes more important
Let's look at Zola, she has three (or two ?) damage boosts : 30x damage to statues, 2x damage to water heroes and 2x damage to freeze immune enemies. If she deals damage to a water statue, will the overall boost be 32x or 120x ?
Also can her damage boosts against water heroes and freeze immune enemies trigger at the same time ?

Thx for any answer because I'm just lost right now :smiley:
Also I posted this in "Rune discussion / strategy". Is it off topic, because it's related to strategy... right ?


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    You probably won’t see this as a helpful answer since you want actual mechanic details, but...

    With PvP sped up to the point that nearly all matches are decided by the end of the first turn (with turn 2 being just a bit of cleanup), none of the math actually matters anymore. There are two kinds of attacks. Attacks that will always kill a hero, and attacks that don’t always kill a hero. Heroes with attacks that will kill a hero have a meta use. Heroes that don’t have those attacks are bench warmers. The specifics of how overly-dead a hero is after an attack or how close-to-but-not-quite-dead a hero is after an attack ends up being just background noise.

    Obviously that’s an oversimplification, but not by very much.
  • I believe they stack generously. 30x and 2x would be 60x.
    If the 2x water or freeze immune is in one passive they do not stack. So hitting a Goretusk or Grog would be 2x damage.
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