Don`t read this, it was just a flaw.

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Sorry folks.


  • I`m not trying to be biased. I`m just trying to help the game from collapsing from money problems.
  • Seriously? i thought this was gonna be good but I'm not Joel and even I regret the 30 seconds I wasted reading this. Not every hero will stay in the meta kiddo. Shade was meta for almost 2 years, his reigning has finally ended. However, theres a difference between ekko and shade. Ekko is a light support hero, with normal speed. In order for him to have success in his job(he doesn't, but we'll ignore that) he needs to have immunities to stay alive. Shade is a fast dark hero, whos job is to deal alot of damage as quickly as possible. If the devs were to make him immune to dark and spirit attacks they'd essentially ruin balance in the game more than ever. The devs dont have any reason to make more money from shade, as he was one of if not their biggest success in a hero release. They wouldn't make much more money since most people already have Shade. (level 70+).

    Your post is useless, and its biased. You arent trying to help the game, you are trying to help YOURSELF because you have Shade yourself and judging from your pfp and posts he's your favorite hero. I understand you like him but you can't expect the game to change for you, then go even lower to say your trying to help them and that you aren't biased.
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    This is just like that Yorick kid.
  • Thats exactly what I was thinking when i read his post.
  • Sorry everyone for my flaw, but at least it`s not worse than the way DB made money.
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