Can’t complete daily

How is it possible that I need to “check out the tower of pwnage” to complete my daily quests, but a new tower will not be available for 7 hours (ie not until tomorrow)?

I did complete the tower today, but somehow it simultaneously does not register (for daily completion) and registers completed.



  • This has happened to me before. Sometimes my dailies arnt reset and if I do the tower first, it doesn't count.
  • ugh.
    Thanks for the response.
  • This happened to me once too, I think it might have something to do with already being in the game during the reset. I just got screwed, and there was nothing I could do.

    I could be wrong, to be fair I haven't experimented and have no plans to but now I always close the app and log back in during reset every day to make sure it doesn't happen, and so far it's worked.
  • Sometimes, if you don't view your quests first before doing the tower, etc, it won't count towards the quest.
    So, open up your quest tab before you do anything.
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  • Just climb to level 11 everyday then stop and you will never have that problem. Beat floor 12 next day,get credit and you have another full tower. I have been doing that since the old system. Happy gaming.
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