Finishing Aria

Since the portals changed, I've run into an issue with upgrading a hero.


What is the best way to gain stars for Aria with reduced aether payouts?

A few months ago, I had thought I could wait till a portal party event to get good aether, but there are no more featured heros, and I'm not even sure if the hero drops are changing regularly. I still look at the hero drops daily, but havent studied it over a long enough period of time to know for sure.

I havent seen her in the VIP portal either... so I'm not sure how to proceed.

I know shes not that good, but she is the last hero I can really work on that isnt a new creation... Ive kept her at 1 star for a very long time. About a year ago, she was featured in the gem portal, but I missed out because I was working more useful heros. I dont have massive amounts of aether either like some players I know.

At one star and level 80, she is an ugly blemish on my roster. I would like to 6 star her so i can move onto the newer heros. But am confused as to the best course of action.

Should I just use my free summons on the gem portal and hope for the best? Should I wait till they have a portal party for aether? Should I just grind pvp and spend my honor on summons? Should I buy honor shop tokens and tower tokens daily? What's the quickest way to work this hero?

Any suggestion would be helpful...
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    shes the best hero there is!!!!!
  • You’re going to have to wait and see what they have planned for the portal, maybe they’ll put her back in there. Other than that the only way to get her tokens is to buy them with aether. Lots of aether, and unless they rework her and/or give her an epic she is just not worth it.
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    Basically there are no other heroes left in my aether shop. I have six starred all the other heroes except for the newly released ones.

    I bought the nim skin in the aether shop already. I have most of the other skins because they were in the event shop during the Halloween event. I do not buy ultimate skins.

    All my epics are also done. Except for the new pre-releases. Havent even started those yet. I do not care if I get them now or later.

    I saved Aria for last thinking she would show up in the portal again as a featured hero, or thinking she may be in some sort of event shop... but then they changed the portal and started selling new heros. So I dont know what the best method is. The old players that I used to know who had six star Aria's all retired or quit the game.

    If aether is the only way, then it's going to be painful spamming honor summons... i was hoping for some sort of method that was more efficient. Hopefully we will get a ggt soon for honor. But even then, it would take a few ggt's to do at 2400 aether for 5 tokens... seems astronomical...

    I dont really care about roster power or its effects on pvp. I just want to take care of an eyesore and move on to the next released set of heroes.
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  • @bvs72

    I guess the overwhelming fear is that I will be robbed of the opportunity to finish her as those who came before me.

    This is why I am giving her a higher priority these days. The shift in selling practices, and the loss of items in the shop that I actually did pay cash for has me on edge.

    1). No more 30 day gems unless you are a lower level player.
    2). No more keys in the Tower.
    3). No more featured heroes in the portal.
    4). No more 100 raid ticket bundles.

    And so on. I am not complaining. I don't own Boss Fight. I cannot control it, nor do i want to. I am just along for the ride at this point on the DB roller coaster.

    The point is all these things disappeared from the shop. Who is to say Aria isn't next? Especially since everything is a sale item these days. Especially because I want to finish her.

    I cannot sit around if and wait till pay day to finish this hero. BF wants its money now. So I have to find a way to get max stars quickly before they take her away and put a $20.00 price on the same hero that could be previously achieved without spend. 3 years of kicking the Aria can down the road could potentially come back to haunt me.
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  • Aria finished me, but I’ve never been able to finish her.
  • @Skip_Holmes

    Not quite sure what you mean... When I look at your roster in game I see this:


    So you must know how it is done...
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  • I’m sorry. It was a joke. I meant that she is able to bring me to orgasm, but me being as inept as I am, cannot ever reciprocate. I will stick to more serious responses.
  • O.k... Now i'm really confused...

    Six starring Aria gave you an orgasm? And you had hoped to reciprocate but couldn't? (No wonder you are all mad about the pay to play thing)... I guess i don't really need to know the details... I will respect your privacy... To each their own I guess...

    I just want to find the best way to get her to six stars as fast as possible... before they take her out of the shop as that is the trend these days. Thank you for your help.
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  • You’re killing my jokes man 😕

    Also, think you’re confusing me with someone else. I have looooooots of complaints. I will complain about specific pricing or bugs or lack of content or pace of paid release vs free release, but I don’t generally complain about pay to play in itself. I recognize it’s a business, no problems with them making money off it.
  • I can’t be the only one thinking about this...
  • I finished Aria off. It was long and hard. I was happy when I accomplished it, but it was exhausting work, and when I was done I was pretty sure she wasn’t worth it.

    Viperia finishes quick and has a better variety of moves.
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    Monkeynuts wrote: »
    I finished Aria off. It was long and hard. I was happy when I accomplished it, but it was exhausting work, and when I was done I was pretty sure she wasn’t worth it.

    Viperia finishes quick and has a better variety of moves.

    Reptile Pile is hot if Cobressa is up for it too. Not so much with Kreel.
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    I am already done with the rest of my heroes. Aria is all I have left with the exception of the new pay-2-play heroes. I have no work I can do on any other hero unless I spend money. All epics are done unless I come up with more money also. So during the down time I have decided to work Aria while we wait for new epics on Skull Island. And I am too broke from the event schedule to join Skynet and cannot make any more purchases... I assure you I am quite stuck on Aria for a while because I have been bled dry.

    I am not the smartest at this kind of stuff. That's why I am looking for a better method for Aria, because the dev's can pull the plug on her at anytime without notice. Then I am S.O.L. and will not be able to complete the original collection.

    It's been a very long time since i cared anything about stars on a hero. So I start to try to plan it out by way of a chart to save money and personal agrivation because i struggle with Math. Look at my wall on the LINE app you'll see many things like this.


    It feels like the chart above is the progression of the six starred Aria. There is a lot of guess work and a lot of rounding. Much of my math may be off because we have things like streaking in PvP and different payouts depending on the players we raid. And Aether from daily rewards and so on... So it seems there is no magic formula. No point "A" to destination "B" road map... That said, I am trying to come up with reasonable estimates on what needs to be done.

    At the end of the day, what is daunting to me are the figures in yellow. Given that you all have finished your Aria's, would you say that these estimates are accurate? i.e.: 288,000 Aether total? 10,000+ raids... 120 purchases at 2400 aether each? This all also assumes converting honor to Aether by use of the portal because as stupid as I am, i wouldn't quick loot this amount of Aether.

    I hope I am wrong, because I do not know how I am going to do it ... Can you help me check my numbers? Don't need exact figures. Just need to know if they are reasonable. @Skip_Holmes @Monkeynuts
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    I’d need to sit down and go through your chart to really say for sure, but it’s definitely a long slog to 6 star aria. You are at a distinct disadvantage compared to when I started her up. Consider:

    -We used to occasionally have pvp bounty events where you would win a random token for a member of your raid team. You could reasonably get a couple dozen tokens for aria every time they did those events.

    -Aria showed up in the heroic portal a few times. If you had guild rewards saved up, you were guaranteed 25? aria tokens with every 10x portal pull. Could get a lot of tokens that way.

    -We used to have constant events that rewarded hero tokens for all the event quests. If you had all those heroes maxed already, this resulted in significant aether.

    That said, you should be able to cut down on your needs raid numbers. 25 aether for each gold hero token really adds up. Every day, run each dungeon that gives a gold level token. Don’t remember exact numbers, but there’s something like 30 of those every day. That’s another 750 aether per day just from gold tokens. And if you have the stamina for it, you can also do the boss mode tokens for even more.
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    Aria finished me, but I’ve never been able to finish her.

    that's what she said.
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    Whoop! 3 Stars... Maybe I am over reacting...

    Seriously Started on 1/29/19 - It is now 2/7. So far - 8 to 9 days... is that on track? Or too slow? Or too quick?

    Not sure if this is reasonable for this hero.
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  • Definitely too slow. Go faster. But slow down if she starts smoking.
  • In some of my travels I have heard there is a high Likelihood of a rework for her, which makes completing her potentially essential.

    So now I am debating on using the free weekly gem portals on her for the aether. But i do not have enough saved up. Only 30 or (3 - 10x)

    Still have to purchase her 100 more times in the current aether shop. The values of the aether is set to change by Joel's notes also on one of the announcements. So i am playing the whole "What do I do?" game.

    My schedule above will change.

    For example, they will not sell Aria in bundles of 5 tokens. She will be sold in bundles of 10 tokens. This will cut the number of purchases from 120 to 60. Which is nice because it literally cuts your time in half. The downside is that each purchase in the future will be more expensive. To compare them in a fair way:

    Current: 2 @ 2400 for 4800 for 10 tokens, 288,000 Aether Total
    - vs. -
    Future: 1 @ 5000 for 5000 for 10 tokens, 300,000 Aether Total

    If my math is correct basically a 12,000 Aether increase, but you finish her potentially quicker. So there is a slight increase in price for a lot less potential purchases

    But I have a concern over the values of the Aether and the drop percentages. In Joel's original post, there is no actual drop percentage given for bronze, silver, gold, legendary etc. We have no way of knowing how the token drops will be distributed. The portals we have now give the approximate drop percentages per hero. This information is either unknown, or simply omitted to avoid protest.

    If I understand things correctly, we will have only one portal - in my mind I would assume you would have a higher chance for a drop of a bronze hero, with chances diminishing the closer you get to legendary status. Which would mean a whole lot of 5 aether tokens at the Heroic Summon Price. This is not favorable.

    The values of some of these change which is nice, but a legendary hero with a low percent drop chance would mean you would not get as much Aether from a 10x... Especially when i think a legendary drop percent now is only around 1% for 4 - 50 tokens. They are not going to just give away legendary tokens anymore - but in all fairness will increase their aether value. But in my mind this would also be a drop percentage below 1%...

    Don't know how much credit should be given to the dev's and their payouts for VIP's also. It is a nice thought to get a lot of heroic portal spins for our trouble, but if I were to wait, there is a possibility that i would get nothing but 5 aether Sir William Tokens, or Zurk, or Abigail... which wouldn't amount to much for my Aria. Meaning waiting could be disastrous. But then again, I am not going to get a lot anyway now with only a 2% chance for 4 - 50 tokens for a legendary hero.

    So I have no clue what to do. Some serious turmoil in my head over completing a useless hero, that might be useful later.
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  • 1x6ff72x0srf.jpg

    4 Stars now.

    Still not sure if I am approaching this the right way...


    Currently most of my Aether comes from PVP season rewards.

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  • They just reworked her and she still can’t satisfy. Move along.
  • She's pretty good though. I always put her on a team with black diamond, and she spanks anything that isnt perfect swing.
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