What Hero Do You Think Boss Fight Should Nerf?

What Hero Do You Think Boss Fight Should Nerf? 13 votes

High King Valkin
Ududu2Skip_HolmesLionheartwolfZephyrPrimebrocksolid 5 votes
Drakk The Warlord
Apocalyptussirolk99DebugerTheOneAndOnlyShade 4 votes
watermelone 1 vote
PoppapumpSinfulSaintcrustysnail 3 votes


  • None of the above. They should all be buffed.
  • That word is offensive. The last time players asked for it look what happened. Build a better roster and make a sacrifice to the spirits of RNG.
  • ApocalyptusApocalyptus Member
    edited February 4
    Drakk The Warlord
    Drakk is the one who needs a nerf, 75% Damage Reduction (15% per stack of rage) is too overkill, considering the synergy with balogs Passive that effectively ends up doubling Attack for all barbarians with 5 stacks of rage.

    The 15% per stack needs to be reduced to 10% per stack up to a max of 50% to “properly” meet the damage reduction parameter. (And that is considering the one-time “unbridled rage” Passive which is a Major Passive for PvPers as a whole (except for when using heroes with shield-piercing runes, attacks, purging abilities and moves, etc.)

    Note: objections toward this will prove the fact there are those who don’t give a [email protected] about “balance.”

    (Insert Lols here.)
    Total Zomminionation.
  • bvs72bvs72 Member
    They should probably nerf the next hero before it is released.
  • I think they should nerf Greed
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