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  • This will suck. I was looking forward to playing more but the game seems to be going even more pay2play / pay2win. Small "investors" wont get much and quit a lot faster. :(
  • Surely they left out what new benefits are coming to their VIPs...by accident of course.
  • Can we start a poll that says if we should stick with how the game is now or go to what’s planned on the 7th? I have an idea. I will do a poll of my own. I will put 2 comments. Either you want the upcoming changes or you would rather have the game as it is currently.
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    Like this comment if you like the new changes coming the 7th.
  • I gotta say that the inclusion of the ultimate skins in the asther shop is a huge change for the better. The availability of all heroes for all players is a big upgrade too.
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    How do the gem removals in any way benefit players? Because almost none of what was in your announcement besides the addition of skins to the aether shop actually benefits players by any mental gymnastics I've been able to perform.
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    See, this is how you lose players in a game, bossfight. I told you not to make it p2w and you've just officially made dungeon boss a pay to win game. Not everything is about money
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    You get 235 gems daily if you are in legend 1. (You also are going to have to spend gems on PvP raids to get to Legend 1)60 gems from daily’s and 175 from PvP. That is not that many gems. It takes 15 days to be able to craft 1 Elite rune. But now it’s gonna take at least a month to craft a rune. You have made your game official no longer fun. Imagine you are new to the game. How are you going to earn gems? Dungeons? You earn 1,346 gems for completing every dungeon. Good luck getting new players on your game when they will never be able to get anything without paying. Honestly at the rate you guys are going, I don’t see any high level players playing anymore in 1 month.
  • Ok, here’s my two penneth...

    The be all and end all is to generate profit for the shareholders, it may be a game to us players but it is a business to the shareholders of Bossfight Entertainment

    It costs money to produce and maintain a game this we all know, to continually upgrade and bring new actors and features adds an ongoing cost, developers don’t work for nothing I can tell you!

    There have been several changes to generate more revenue for the shareholders (because no share holder is ever satisfied with enough profit), from charging the players more, removing or changing game rewards whilst adding things like click to watch videos and I am sure that there are other cost saving measures going on or have gone on in the past also

    I personally see it that there are not as many people playing DB as you might imagine, most players at level 80 with whom I have conversed have at least one alternate account, maybe most Players have more then one account who knows?

    If you look at the end of some of the events where there are say two million dungeons completed by the community you can say that there can’t be more than two million players that is given that one player complete only one dungeon each and I know that in the particular event to which I refer, that I completed more than a couple hundred on my own and many players completed many more

    Of these active players I can’t know how many spend money and how many play for free, I once spent £0.79 back in the days before Apple got greedy and changed everything in the App Store from 79p to 99p but then the second part of my upgrade was to be £7.99 which I thought was far too great a jump and from that experience decided to play for free on this particular game

    Anyway, back to the economics, if there are not enough players paying to play then there has to be cost savings or increases to purchase prices, but there is a 3rd option here, more marketing, try to get more people interested in the game, the more people then the more chance a jump in revenue

    It seems to me that rather than spend a few dollars on getting more potential paying players or dropping the price of some offers for both new and existing players that a commercial decision has been made to squeeze the existing players base

    I don’t have a view whether the game is better or worse for me personally so I shall play on for a while but when the commercial decisions are too much for even me as a f2p gamer then I too will look for another game to take up my free time and DB will be happy that another scrounger has left :)

    This is of course, only my thoughts

    Regards all,

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    Joel wrote: »
    This post will detail the changes are making to the game.

    two things to consider, from the perspective of a level 80player.

    [1] don't change the day count on daily rewards.

    you have it listed as day 1 thru 7.

    many of us use it to keep track of how long we've been playing.
    I don't agree with changing the rewards to your standardized weekly thing, but it's a minor issue.

    [2] we use the pwn shop and the honor shop to buy things that you seem to want to take away.
    especially the pwn shop.
    everything you have listed in the pwn shop is useless to most 80 players.
    Please leave the materials and other items in it.

    also, did you really have to more than double the aether price of raid tickets?

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    I gotta say that the inclusion of the ultimate skins in the asther shop is a huge change for the better. The availability of all heroes for all players is a big upgrade too.

    but it's not.
    I will not spend any portal pulls for 1/14th of a 4% chance for Jin or Zull.

    or for a slightly hogher chance at Craw.

    @Joel, another thing:
    those portal pull #s are useless for people who have most heroes maxxed out, unless you either go back to excluding heroes that are maxxed from possible pulls, or else feature heroes with a significantly increased % or guaranteed unlock.

  • Don’t get me wrong guys ‘n gals,

    I have spent many several GBP on clash of clans and boom beach, neither of which I am active in these days

    So I am not a total miser when it comes to supporting games that I play, I just reserve to opening my wallet to the ones that I find more value for money than others...
  • You guys really want to shrink your player base. All these changes are just another cash grab. The only positive thing is that the ultimate skins will be available for everyone but this will f... up everyone who paid or grinded for the skins. You even turn the portal into a cash grab. Great way to banish your players!
  • I defended you guys, for making portions of the game p2w in the past, but this new announcement is total crap. You're taking away the honor portal, so now the aether shop becomes completely p2w. I have put some cash into the game because I try to support good games. Now, it's becoming a money sink. I can't imagine why you had a survey, because I don't see people saying, "Please screw over my VIP status and make me pay more, while giving me less. Thanks!"
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    gmun wrote: »
    sirtainly wrote: »
    Will try Age of Magic
    Lords of Mayhem reviews said P2W like DB so I hesitated, and Marvel Strike Force said squad tactics so I'll try that another day.

    Lots of good choices out there where I can have fun f2p, feel like throwing a few modest bucks that won't kill my budget to enhance the fun.

    I really think DB would benefit by moving to a monthly subscription model instead of the in-app purchase model.

    (P.s. Does this mean those developers don't read what we write here? I dislike discord servers but I suppose I could sign up and copy the same stuff in both places. Dumb. Even the name "discord" implies something unfriendly. Dumb.)

    I have tried all 3 of those games. The Looney Toones game got old fast for me. Great easy to learn turn based game for kids IMO. Age of Magic has nice graphics and is a good game. There is no pvp to speak of, replays etc. And i kust didnt find the heroes very interesting. I am still playing strike force and like it. A good game.

    MSF is the game I keep playing except for DB, even bought the starting offer, cost me USD 5, no regret at all, but it has its p2w aspect as well, red star... also RNG to get goodies in it is s***, some former db players there, cant wait to join their alliance

    Age of magic is the next I'll try :)
  • I gotta say that the inclusion of the ultimate skins in the asther shop is a huge change for the better. The availability of all heroes for all players is a big upgrade too.

    I agree with both, the star ascension requirement kills it though. New players need 5 star to max current legendaries, without they cant run current metas and cant really compete.
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    I’ve played this game for over 3 years. Originally when heroes were 6* they were taken out of the portal. This made it too easy to 6* the newly released heroes. So about two years ago it was decided all heroes were to be put back into the portal regardless of whether they were 6* or not.

    This made getting a new hero from the portal a long shot. (And that was back when there were only about 50 heroes, and about half of those weren’t in the Heroic Portal).

    There was a mass exodus from the game. The guild I was in originally folded. I semi-quit at that point. Then a compromise was implemented. That there would be featured heroes. That way it guaranteed getting at least some tokens for the one or two heroes you needed. That feature was taken away recently.

    With the new system as it stands without featured heroes:

    The odds of pulling Jin:
    4% chance for a Legendary x 14 Leganery heroes
    1:350 pulls

    The odds of pulling Craw:
    16% chance for a Gold x 36 Gold heroes
    1:225 pulls

    This is coupled with the new door release event that only gives out new hero tokens for gold keys. And a reduction of gold keys given/earned to only 3. And elimination of a dungeon that gives out new hero tokens. The elimination of new hero tokens as the reward for a top placing guild. An event that used to allow players to 5* a new hero, now only gives out 60 tokens.

    So my suggestion is to:
    1. Bring back featured heroes in the portal
    2. Have events like Honorbound vs Undead that give out tokens for newer heroes.
    3. Allow silver keys to give out a small amount of tokens for new hero (maybe 5 per door)

    In addition daily gems are reduced from 510 (60 daily quests, 175 reward for Legendary I PVP level, 275 tower) to 280. This plus eliminated stamina from the Tower store makes accumulating stamina much more difficult/expensive. And raid tickets are substantially more expensive in the Aether store.

    So I if the gems are going to be reduced, I would suggest:
    1. Keep stamina in the tower store.
    2. Keep the cost of stamina at 20 or 40 gems defat of how many times it is bought.
    3. Keep raid tickets the same Aether cost
  • Unfortunately,

    It’s not a democracy so none of our recommendations or suggestions are going to be heeded

    Someone a bit further up the thread said it, it’s a commercial decision

    Once a commercial decision is made and has been agreed then there’s no going back unless the sponsor of the decision leaves the business

  • Exactly, someone with no foresight makes these decisions. They are trying to squeeze as much money possible out of every player and it will kill the game. I watched it happen with empire. All games are going to have a majority of free to pay very little players. The trick to keep a game profitable long term is to keep those and the big spenders around. When all the cheap players leave the big spenders get bored and move on also. Greed kills most every mobile game except the ones that don't go to pay to win. The ones that are pay to speed up leveling and pay to look different have longevity. Coc, etc...
  • Does anyone know any good games that are like DB? Looks like my time is almost up on this game after 2 years of fun. They took away the 250 gems you could easily earn every day. Now if I want to craft a 3,500 gem rune it will take me at least a month to get the gems needed. You could of at least made it where we only got 200 gems daily. So unless you pay you can no longer earn gems.🤦‍♂️ Events are getting worse. Daily’s are getting worse. PvP is getting worse. All you have to do now is remove the 10 gems you get for first time completing a dungeon. Don’t forget to make hammers cost gems and gold have a max a limit of 25 million.

    The best I could think of is Clash Of Clans. Even though it`s boring, at least Supercell helps all Players, and adds good things to the game, unlike DB, where they might actually add a special loot pass costing $139.99 CA to get quests that will get the players be eligible to find gems from numerous places, like dungeons, with a super rare chance, if they take away the one time reward gems players get from campaign dungeons. If the update is horrible, and wont help me with things like crafting my first elite runes, because I got to lvl70, then my time to end playing DB will come shortly too.
  • I don't know what to think about the changes ... I mean I don't really have a problem with endless grind since I don't like the competitive side of the game.
    But then my only request @Joel is for you developers to make sure that at some point you take away some heroes from the portal because let's assume I've been saving 2700 gems for two weeks on a 10* portal pull... I spend the gems *drums rolling in the back*
    Ohhhhh I got 40 jabber tokens 20 Alexandros tokens 10 cruel king bramble
    30 hansuke 40 samurai takumi and 30 tsume (assuming it turns out to be that generous)(having 6 starred hansuke, tsume, takumi, Alexandros and bramble and not too far from 6 starring jabber) I would feel really pissed off since those 2 weeks I spent trying to earn some gems would only result on useless heroes and not a single strong meta char(2 weeks provided the tower isn't too hard and I get lucky most of the time...).
    That is to say 82 heroes most being either useless or already 6 starred with ridiculously low drop chances makes me really skeptical about their appearance.
    A solution would be to do just as you guys do now : 25 heroes in the portal 10 bronze 8 silver 5 gold and 2 legendaries each shifting out when fully starred ... When all bronze heroes are starred you keep 6 in
    When all silver heroes are starred you keep 6 in ... (I mean if you guys didn't let us win aether we would be too advantaged and it would also seem unfair from my perspective) just so that I get one day enough hopes to restart spending bigger sums of money on the game.
    (Ps: excuse my English it's late where I am and I'm too tired to make some efforts in writing)
    Thank you for reading
  • all I have to say is reeeeeee. This update could have been wayyy better :|
  • pass
    Don’t you wish it was easier, wish you were better.
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    I bet there will be very few level 80 players playing March.
  • I bet there will be very few level 80 players playing March.

    Why? Max players wont be affected as much as those trying to get there and compete. I'm more willing to bet most low to mid level players quit first. Unless they do tweaking to portal drops or keep tokens besides aria in aether shop it will take ages to get a legendary to 5 star to where you can fully ascend it. Beasts without solaris, barbs without drakk, dwarves without valkin are crap. Not to mention no Jin......
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    So why the player survey now if these changes have already been locked in? I don’t understand...
    The Potato Army
  • Can you clarify 1. Wilk aria be the only tokens offered in the aether shop and 2. Will vip daily loot keys disappear also?
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