Resolved: Calendar Doors Not Appearing



  • Not complaining when i say this, but I think its just time for us to move on. Let's not do anymore doors. Let's do something else. Let's make it easy.

    It's not worth it to tie up a developer's time. It's not worth it to yell at Joel. Boss Fight isn't making any money off of it. We should just let the timer run out, and move onto the next event. Cut our losses.

    It would be easier if the developers had a look at who opened the 1st door for the double attack unbreakable heart rune and just donated it for their troubles (I did not open that door with a gold key btw - I am not interested in that rune). If people get mad that they cant't get their rune, maybe offer it as a grind-able, pvp rune, or inexpensive exclusive offer later. Refund key purchases with gems.

    Continual disappearance and reappearnce of the doors will just make people more and more mad. It's not worth it.

    They do this every single freakin event. Something goes wrong, people ask for extensions, people buy everything when it should have ended, and boom! they extend it but no one has anything left because the devs never communicate anything.
  • Like i said... We should just move forward. I'm not mad about it... I just want it to go away.

    No more doors... They keep hitting players in the @$$ on the way out when they leave the game.

    Let's all just complain about the usual stuff like cash grabs, bugs, questionable business practices, and Xp boosts... Oh.. and Aria... Cant forget about Aria...
    Just another nerd in the herd!
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