Boost Event Streak Won't Stop

lol i logged out for 30 hours and am now I am still stuck getting 4x Boost. I didn't want it. I logged out about 30 hr ago. Now I have lost a day and have a Guild to support. How do i resolve this please? Lol it just won't stop...and I wasn't ready to be 75 much less 76..NOT a slow riser! I have saved for runes. Not new levels. Lol I quit playing and even that doesn't do I do?


  • Accept your fate to become a baby seal.
  • @Monkeynuts he already is.
  • Mine is a Hidden Fate....a Dark Destiny
  • danacdanac Member
    this is funny.

    the streak counter is a lie.
    they're gonna give everyone 4x experience from now on.

    which kinda makes the whole streak concept meaningless.

    I guess they thought no one would call their bluff and miss a day.

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