Hero Idea: Nox & Bit (Rework) Legendary Reptile

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Element: Dark

New Mechanic: Nox and Bit each have their own health bar due to having two seprate heads. Enemies cannot target a specific head, it will be random which head takes damage from an enemy attack. If one head gets killed, the other can still be active

0 Ascends:
Mystical- Boosted damage vs Tanks and Slow targets
Quick Slip- Immune to Crits and cannot be hurt by enemy Revenge Attacks

1st Ascend:
Mysical II- Boosted damage vs Tanks and Slow targets
Venom Variations- All Reptile allies will deal 3x damage to Poisoned enemies and enemies that have Venom.

2nd Ascend:
Scale Shield- All allies start the dungeon with Scale Shield. Scale shield grants allies immunity to Silence, Poison, Venom, and allies will take significantly reduced damage. Lasts for one round
Reptile Revolution- All reptile allies get a boost in Defense and Attack until one head of this hero gets knocked out. Whenever this hero uses an attack, One Random Reptile ally will follow the attack made by this hero with the same Ability Slot. Will work even if the allied Reptile does not have enough energy on the activated slot

Attack- 2,236
Defense- 2,172
Skill- 1,625
Max Health- 10,000 (Each head will get 5,000. Runes will add the same amount on both heads)
Crit Chance- 33%
Dark Resist- 34%
Spirit Resist- 6%


Snatcher Staff- Deals damage to one target. Applies a buff that will deal 3x damage to an enemy on this heros next turn that is the same element as the previous enemy that was attacked by the staff. For example, if Nox and Bit attacks High King Valkin, the next time they attack with their Basic, it will deal 3x damage to any Water enemy. This effect will not work if they attack an enemy with a different element as the previous enemy

[Special] Cool Down: 5
Cobra Call- Nox and Bit use their staff to summon a large Cobra that surrounds all enemies. The Cobra sprays loads of Venom on them adding 10 stacks of Venom on each enemy, and then takes a huge Bite on all enemies, leaving them Wounded and Feared. All allied Reptiles will attack one random ally afterwards

[Special] Cool Down: 3
Venomous Drain- Nox and Bit each latch their fangs onto an enemy and Drains the enemies Health until both Nox and Bit's health is at 75% Health. This attack will kill the targeted enemy if they do not have enough Health to get Nox and Bit to 75% of their Health

[Special] Cool Down: 4
Scale Safe- Applies Scale Shield on all allies. Will last for X rounds. X is equal to how many enemies are still alive in a dungeon


  • Would this make Reptiles Great Again??
  • Well, it is a cool concept, but then I'd have to grind for tokens until it is 5 stars to fully ascend it (according to the upcoming update).
    There once was a monster from the ice
    But here's a bit of advice
    Don't try to fight him, your fate will be quite grim
    You'd go from hero to human sacrifice
  • Sorry, I'm just a little steamed about the new update. The drawing and abilities are really cool! :)
    There once was a monster from the ice
    But here's a bit of advice
    Don't try to fight him, your fate will be quite grim
    You'd go from hero to human sacrifice
  • Drawing is good, watch out on Cobra Call as it is very overpowered (up to 6x damage or more depending on wether fear is applied before or after the attack, and already that 6x that can appear from the venom / poison boost).

    Also is the last special actually called Cast a Sheild?
  • atKorosLitatKorosLit Member
    edited February 10
    Well the Wound and Fear will be applied after the attack is over on Cobra Call but I will change the part where allied reptiles attack two enemies to just one enemy. I agree that would be op otherwise. And yea the third ability is called that... what does it mean im confused
  • I called out that last ability, because @atKorosLit it is a name that seemed too generic to me. It seems in my opinion like a more specific name would be good as usually only enemies get the names with a lot of leeway on what that ability does.

    Just a though though.
  • atKorosLitatKorosLit Member
    edited February 13
    ohhh gotcha... I will change it rn
  • this is sick!
    With unnatural fear he stirs up a fright, To scared to stay and fight
    The enemy fled, Only to be struck dead
    As his purging pyre lit up the night
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