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Now that we have a channel in Discord, can someone help me understand its purpose? Not sure why I need discord. I have many questions.

For example:
*Will we have to look to discord for an update on the fixes to events?
*Will future offerings and event schedules be posted to the Discord Channel?
*Will notifications on hero updates happen on Discord going forward?
*Should I delete my LINE account?
*Is forums going away?
*Are there any other channels for technical issues and bug fixes we should be aware of?
*Will customer service happen on Discord?

Trying to understand the over all purpose and the benefits to the developers and players associated with this app. Not sure if I really need a discord account or if there are any benefits to me personally for having one.

Looking for pros and cons of the app also. I love a good app, as long as there is a benefit.
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  • JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
    The Discord, for lack of a better word, is an experiment to see if players are interested in engaging with each other and Boss Fight in a more real-time environment. For the time being, we will be putting announcements regarding updates on both the forum and Discord. Detailed posts regarding hero reworks, events, etc. will still be only on the forum. Customer service will NOT happen on Discord.

    Discord was appealing to us for this experiment because of it's popularity in the gaming community, it's flexibility as a platform, various features that LINE does not have, and it's ease of use. We do not want players to feel obligated to join the Discord, but we think it's a good platform that has potential and felt that the risk involved with trying it out was relatively low. :)
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