Buff streak @joel

So Joel, when does this end??? I wanna play the game and level at my own pace not at 4x.


  • Please say never! Thank you so much for this.
  • Monkeynuts, it’s not fun, wait tell your lvl 60 with 2star hero’s and can’t progress lol, moron.
  • He is level 80..

    Don’t be rude without first doing your research.
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    Don’t care what level he is, it ruins it for other people, it’s not fun. If I wanna level fast I’ll pay for “ 2x “ exp like normal games. It’s a **** ideal. Haven’t played in over 9days now. And I do spend money on game but with this buff I’ll just spend money elsewhere
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  • I will enjoy clubbing you immensely.
  • Just play the game. There are potential positives to leveling up quicker. Access to better runes is a huge one. Challenge mode, boss mode, and the ability to carry more stamina all have benefits. At higher level you can do more damage on boss events and be a greater asset to your guild. Every non maxed player is in the same boat. If we cant compete at all in pvp or tower we all quit and boss fight loses all its future players. However, I find it unlikely that even boss fight wants this so I'm willing to bet that we can still compete, even if we take the occasional beating from the higher leveled player ( which I do now). @joel this is most positive spin I've seen on the buff streak and feel an official post early would have gone a long way to boost player morale.
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    If the PvP matchup and reward system were fixed, there’d be less complaints about xp streak. I slow-leveled, so I’m at 12,000 rating and I fight people—albeit same level—with 3,000 rating. And though sadly that’s what makes my DB experience enjoyable, it’s probably at the expense of someone else’s experience. Now I’ve restarted before, so I’m just a teeny bit smarter than a new player. But new players who leveled too fast will either restart (like me) or quit. Someone might buy gems if there’s a streak of hope... but if you’re a new player, you don’t know any better. If you’re an experienced player, you might shell out cash for some gems. And xp streak exacerbates this mechanism. And when a mechanism invites you to pay cash at the expense of quitting or restarting, it’s not a well designed system. For example, do I have the option to casually do PvP? Not with xp streak. So if the goal is to create an exclusive veteran community, this is fine—I’ll just quit playing every 4 days. If the goal is to campaign new players, then this plan is a fail.
  • Runes make or break you in pvp. If I had a choice between 4 star heros with great runes or 6 star heroes with mediocre runes I'd pick the better runes everytime
  • #buff streak forever
  • If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.
  • Lmao, I like you guys, I really do! I just don’t understand why you are acting like cowards. Why do want a bunch of PvP opponents that are no challenge at all? Don’t you like a challenge? Isn’t more fun that way? Maybe you’re not acting after all.
  • @MaxBeamer, I have taken my lumps twice. First when the level cap was 70. I went through the gauntlet from 63 to 69. Then again when they raised the cap to level 80. I never complained when I was attacked over 1000 times in a season. I just pushed through. I do okay now. It is just a rite of passage. Just at a faster pace.
  • @TopKnight , same here my friend. MaxBeamer is my second account, I also play WalkinDude, Max is level 73, WD is 78. I want to level fast now on both accounts, but I have and know how to get the resources to do that because of my experience playing the game. Other players who do not have that knowledge are just going to quit playing altogether. They are saying as much throughout many threads here on the forums and I don’t blame them at all. If they all quit there is going to nobody to face in PvP but ourselves anyway.
  • Because slow levelers have always been the vegans of DB
  • Who is talking about slow leveling? True slow leveling was stopped quite a while ago. We are just talking about normal leveling, not x4 leveling. You are digging yourself a whole @Monkeynuts and frankly it pains me to watch it.
  • On a side note why can’t we edit anymore? Hole not whole^.
  • You’re right, I’ll never get into a too guild now.
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    Top guilds are overrated. You’re better off where you are.

    And the edit button is back.
  • How would you know?
  • I know everything.
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