Why the slow death?

This game is a sick cat. Why not be humane and put it out of its misery. Give your player base the closure it’s seeking. So much heartache for what? A little extra cash? Enough already!

I’m not quitting btw.


  • That office kegerator don’t refill itself!
  • bvs72bvs72 Member
    Monkeynuts wrote: »
    That office kegerator don’t refill itself!

    But I peed in it. It should be full.
  • Thanks for the heads up.

    Everything is working as intended.
  • danacdanac Member

    I’m not quitting btw.

    take a break then.

    You're still ahead of me on some leaderboards.

    At least stop doing the tower.

  • @danac I’m taking baby steps: quit my competitive guild, don’t do dailies, less time on forums, ive even missed some towers :wink:. I am having trouble letting go. That’s why I’m longing for closure.
  • Breaking up with your best gal is hard to do.
  • DevilJhonsDevilJhons Member
    edited February 14
    They could do it creative, like give you all 6 star heroes, ascends, all most powerfull elite runes to fight against lord of darkness, like previous events, but without cooldowns, every hour/day we see changes on chapters map, town where your heroes walk, background on fire, some heroes cry, some panic and at last dark lord win and wipe everyone, take all islands back to darkness.
    then servers turn of forever...
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