Possible Idea: Evo Farming

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This is just an idea. What if there was an evo farming system. And you can breed them like final fantasy Chocobos. So if you breed the same type of evos, you will always get the same type. If you want celestial, you have to breed two different colors. And some heros are better at breeding than others. They can be runed to increase breeding skills. And breeding takes longer or shorter time depending on breeding skill stats. Gems can help reduce the time. This can make seemingly obsolete heroes still maintain some value.

This could be a guild function to incentivize partnership with guilds.


  • So you are saying we take evos we already have and combine them to make other better evos. Wow! I wonder why this isn’t in the game already.
  • It appears to me, he is suggesting certain heroes have the skill to breed Evos. Probably without the high cost (relatively speaking, might not be high at end game) it might take some resources and time? Huh?
  • It would be a redo of the evo collection mechanism altogether. So you can get the small basic evos from dungeons. But the bigger evos including celestials can only be obtained from breeding—and cannot be purchased or crafted anymore. It’s profitability would be from people paying gems to complete the breeding process early. It would provide an excuse for making non-battle competitive heroes viable—by making them breeders.
  • Play long enough and you will have more evos then you will ever need.
  • That’s because the means to which we currently get evos is easy. Have to make it more challenging and engaging.
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