Possible Idea: Limited Skill Points

Let’s take for example a fully evolved hero at level 30. You have 4 active skills and several passives. You can invest 30 points into each of the 4 skills for a total of 120 points.

What if...

For each level you got 2 possible points to invest. So the same hero at level 30 has 60 points to invest in. So my Zomm may be completely different than yours. For some heroes, it may be beneficial to invest in strong basic attacks. You could choose to make your tanks ultra tanky or a bit more offensive. And passives should require investment as well to improve their effectiveness.

Once you’ve customized your points, you can complement it with runes.

To reset your skills, you have to pay gold. The constant resetting will more than make up for the gold people will not spend on leveling up all skills to the max (in the current format).

This would add an element of strategy.


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    Uhm.. Evolution is what you do in Pokemon.

    This in fact isn’t even how heroes work as there is no skill points, just upgrades.

    Upgrades cannot go past your level, so for instance, if you are level 60, all your specials can have their damage or effects boosted up to 60 and no higher (so that you have a progression that causes a level 60 to always beat a level 5, that also drains a player’s resources). The thing is that skill points as you put it is just the equivalent of runes stat boosters.

    If I am wrong, please explain it since the description above is in my opinion, very vague.

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    So I guess the word for DB is “ascend”. The point is that currently, you max out your skills when you level up. I’m suggesting that you are limited on the number of skill points you can invest in your skills and therefore cannot max out your stats. Instead, you must actually use your brain—which hurts sometimes—and decide which skills synergize with your party.

    Runes are for stats.

    Skills are for ability mechanics.

    Two different things.
  • Let’s list off the positives and negatives here

    I’m not going to lie here, I will come off as salty by taking a chunk of the evidence and laying it out, but at least you will remember in the future to give more detail (you should see the last forum I was on, 90% of feedback was this).

    Last warning on this sounding rude.

    Adds more RPG influence

    Sounds like it would be fun to have more thinking involved than just runes, and team managing.

    If it got in then that would mean someone at DB read a suggestion post (rip Community Creations)


    + From a developer aspect:

    Lots of extra work to code

    Makes no money for the team

    Causes more unintentional glitches that take even more time to track down and fix

    + For players:

    Absolutely KILLS the Meta, bringing it back to when you fought that one team with the unkillable healer tank combo (you all know the one, we have all had it happen by now)

    Only two abilities can be fully powered due to having 160 skill points at level 80

    Unless changed to gems, they are basically free at all levels due to gold being basically not even a currency.

    If then changed to gems from gold, low level players will not really be able to change them.

    Due to the existence of Ascensions, new players would effectively waste these points on the abilities they had access to at the start, reducing the value of Ascensions, and by extension Evos themselves.


    No, the negatives outweigh the positives.

    If you want to make a better argument to convince me, you can, but you will need evidence that this will help the game. As stated above, try to give more detail and also in later posts, make something for yourself and don’t just use other game’s ideas (unless they are obscure enough that people can’t spot them).
  • Don’t kill me after reading that, focus on my evidence and don’t call me an idiot and rage as many people like to do (as that doesn’t help either of us).
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    I wasn’t talking about you. And if you read that as a personal attack, I apologize. It wasn’t intended to be read that way, but in hindsight I could see it being read that way. Truth be told, I don’t know anything about you.

    I was knocking on the fact that most games now are created to be auto or idle instead of being multi-dimensionally faceted in strategy.

    So when you introduce limited points, you introduce a situation where a player must think deeply about how to be most efficient for numerous situations. Without limitation, it’s jist a game of who’s arm-wrestling arm is bigger.

    It also solves the problem of some heroes becoming obsolete—nobody playing them anymore. So let’s say a meta lv 60 hero with 60 skill points across the board might be evaluated arbitrarily at a score of 10 (max). And let’s say a lv 60 Sir William is scored at 5. If you have limited skills, different configuration of skills might make them more equal depending on their synergy with other party members. For example, if Sir William isn’t in a party of water heroes (which his passive buffs defense of), instead of putting limited points in the water defense buff, he can invest in other skills. Meanwhile, a Jin that invests in his AoE skills compromises his silencing skillss.

    But if DB is trying to angle itself as an idle-like game where you log on and auto run a few levels while you’re having your morning coffee and checking your emails at work, then I guess simplicity is ok.
  • Yea, didn’t realize that what you said wasn’t directed at me.

    But still, I do recomend going for hero designs rather than huge game changes as they are easier in general to understand for people who read them (but that’s just me).
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