Hagrim Felhorn's Epic Idea! Brutal Breakers

(There are still two hammers I just didn't wanna draw the second one)

Brutal Breakers

Defense: 30%
Max Health: 20%
Crit Chance: 10%

Chance to attack an enemy 4 times (like Jack Hammer) and will apply the Wounded debuff on target. All allies will have Shield Piercing on their Basic Attacks


  • EPIC!!! lol😹
  • haha :D
  • Nice, but seeing another dwarf buff/epic... I'll just stop pvping if it happens
    There once was a monster from the ice
    But here's a bit of advice
    Don't try to fight him, your fate will be quite grim
    You'd go from hero to human sacrifice
  • It honestly seems too powerful. Also non-legendary heroes can not have stat boosts to allies like that unless it is a buff applied by the epic’s use.
  • the epic would apply the shield pierce buff
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