Players considering quitting after this new update

I’m posting this just to see if we can get some dev attention. I plan on quitting within the week if this terrible update isn’t scrapped. Anyone else with me?


  • WasiWasi Member
    The Potato Army
  • I didn’t download it yet
  • cojcoj Member
    I did im looking for new game actually
  • It is what it is. It won't change. Suck it up or Move on, either way vote with your wallet and in the app store.
  • I plan on quitting as well. This update is an insult.
  • I was hoping they would change the PVP requirement to WIN and get rid of the attempt part with the new update. If they never changed it to attempt in the first place then none of this ever would have happened.
  • I hope they scrap the update but let me keep my heroes, because just now I got Jin, lily, jibber, and goretusk
  • I hope they scrap the update but let me keep my heroes, because just now I got Jin, lily, jibber, and goretusk

    You can keep Jibber. The rest they have to take back.

  • I hope they scrap the update but let me keep my heroes, because just now I got Jin, lily, jibber, and goretusk

    oh, really, now try to star them up. Hahahahaahahah
  • DaxDax Member
    I was obsessed with this game. And now I am not. By taking away our ability to buy tokens, it has left me nothing to TRY for. No in game goal. What's the point of playing if you can't buy tokens for the better Heroes and have them gain more stars? To me, that was the whole point, and FUN, of playing the game. Sorry, but getting random tokens out of the portal doesn't do it for me.
    They also now give out way less gems, which wouldn't normally be a deal breaker for me, but that combined with not being able to buy tokens in the shops AND the fact that now every extra token you get for fully starred heroes only gives you 20 aether instead of the previous 25 has now made me fall out of love with the game. I understand they need to make money, but I believe they have gone way overboard in this respect. And in the process have made the game no longer fun.
  • I have played this game everyday for 4 months and absolutely loved it. Having heroes locked till 100 tokens gave me something to look forward to. The tower and pvp used to be fun and had good token, evo or material rewards also.

    Today I explored an aborted version of the dungeon boss I used to love. The game ending changes for me are:

    Gold hero tokens can’t be reset or purchased with rewards. You get 1 gold hero token a day.

    Legendary hero’s are now unlocked at 10 tokens. This sounds cool but you can never really ascend them. I have a 2 star Zomm.. never will have even a single ascension.

    PvP is rather impossible now without a team of dwarves or undead, just forget about it at this point. I used to play the lion, Emily, demon lord and ninja... got to legend 2! Now I have no chance against a team with a single max star legendary hero.

    No real rewards for the tower... certainly no more gems.

    Only good portal is gem based and no way to get real gems without paying for them.

    Why should I continue to play? To meta a dwarf team like everyone else? Or an undead team? I don’t understand why my silver and bronze heroes are unplayable now at level 71.

    Very disappointed... I enjoyed the game enough to spend about 40 dollars on it and it WAS worth it. Not anymore no more money from me. I am not long for this game. Sad to see it go down hill.

  • I just created this forum account to say that after 2 years of playing I and the 6 people I know in real life that play this game are not quitting BUT we will not spend another cent on your product. We will still play but only once a week if that.

    Thank you for the game and the fun times, but its now a dead game with your latest update, well done devs. Also we have placed 1 star reviews that tell new players to avoid this "pay to play/pay to win" game.

    Well done you have managed to earn your spot in our hearts and minds as the "EA" of the mobile gaming platform :)

  • Why quit? They made it free to play for long time players.
  • InsanityskullInsanityskull Member
    edited February 15
    I wouldn't be surprised if half of the players quit. I've deleted the app off my phone yesterday, and I'm still furious about the update. I'm embarrassed with rage to be ripped off for the past year. It's an absolute kick to the groin to see this become a huge pay to win scheme.
  • I reached level 80 having played for over a year and was looking forward to winning in more Boss dungeons. However, as I can't now get stamina from the Pwn shop I will be playing for less time each day. I also don't understand why the hero numbers of whatever you call it have halved.
  • cojcoj Member
    The only thing to do is rate this game 1star/5star on AppStore or play store.....guys they will ignore us anyway just move on and find new game
  • cojcoj Member
    Its easy to get lvl80 for a newbie but the heroes you have been collected is less than your lvl......what you gonna do at pvp? Loooking your heroes smashed by other OLD players....beside arena rewards has no gems totally waste of time
  • AboboTheHoboAboboTheHobo Member
    edited February 15
    I think some good decisions were made. For example, they stopped loopholes and existing mechanisms that allowed you to get faaaaat! I mean, I’m lv 37 and everyday, I got nearly 500 gems daily, currently have 2900(ish)/59 energy and a ton of evos. I’m sure these mechanisms ate into Boss Fight’s profits, thus the tacky advertisement clickies. The problem is that when you feed bears, they come back for more. And when you don’t give them more, they turn on you.

    There is one bad decision I want to point out. For context, I have fully ascended dwarves (I occasionally swap out one dwarf for a fully ascended Jin). This... got grandfathered into the newer, more restrictive ascension framework. What Boss Fight inadvertently did was create 2 factions: (1) veterans who got to keep their steel sword and (2) new players who get sticks.

    For that reason the ultimate winners from this update are the lv 80 community players (who have to make no accommodations but are probably most quantifiable invested players). The consolation prize goes to the players who’ve ascended a few heroes before the push. And the losers are new players.

    And maybe Boss Fight realizes it’s not worth fighting for new players anymore; instead, to focus on their loyal 80s.

    This game will become an exclusive,static island of die hard veterans—for better or worse.
  • "Players did not quit this game, this game quit its players."
  • I’m done after this weeks reset after almost 3 years and spending more than what anyone would consider a reasonable amount of money on a phone game....make a fun game and I’ll throw some money at you but trying to strong arm me into paying is an insult
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