I hate the game after update

Ok guys maybe this is my last comment ever

1. Im too much fun having gorgons meta but bcs of legendary,gold,silver,bronze buff you know that dwarf is in the meta right..and im expected only gorgons can kill them the problem is valkin and dwarf are legendary and gold and they even hard to kill even more the most suddest part viperia increase her stat but the skill dmg got nerf!! ...if dwarf got 1 elite elusive is enought to dodge zola icy glare its pretty useless
2. Dwarf family are hard to find legendary and gold is not joke ok and especially you cut off aether token shop...if you guys thinking all newbie from payouts to f2p players can't play well bcs they lock of tokens are you guys building this game for fun or you guys make this game for 100% online shop? ...also they quit bcs of losing hope
3. Idk what your "game managers" doing but im hoping they aware how many players they got them online.....in my opinion this game will not stay forever its not fair anymore its no more anti-f2p anymore its anti-newbie
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