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Love is in the air! Or maybe it's just pollen? Either way, our Valentine's Day event is now live, as is our brand new hero, Jumbeaux!

This event features a special event dungeon called the Tunnel of Love that only two heroes can enter at a time. Send in whichever couple you want and see if they can work together to overcome the challenges set before them. There are lots of quests, including a special 'matchmaking' quest each day which can only be completed by beating the Tunnel of Love with a particular pair of heroes. Check the event image to see a hint for which heroes you need to use. Once you complete that quest, those two heroes will get a special boost whenever they battle together for the rest of the event!

The event shop contains all-new family runes for Plants and Ogres. Please remember that these runes can only be equipped to heroes of the appropriate family, but they have higher stats than non-family runes. Deadeye also has a brand new skin available. Hmm, an archer getting a new skin on Valentine's Day? What could it possibly be?!

There's also an event leaderboard that tracks the number of crypt dungeons you complete or quick loot and the number of PVP raids you win. All guilds on the leaderboard will get a Plant and Ogre rune, and the top guilds will get Jumbeaux tokens!

Of course, we're showing Jumbeaux some love as well. During the event, the gentle giant will get an extra stat boost depending on how many stars he has. Jumbeaux's base drop rate in the Heroic Portal is already increased compared to other legendary heroes during this event, but his drop odds will be increased even more if you have Lily, Kozar, and/or Zola six-starred.

Plus, Jin Lei's Epic is now available on Boss Island!

Wuv! Twoo wuv!
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