Congratulations Bossfight, You just played yourself

Congratulations Bossfight!

Not only have you managed to completely ignore player feedback and criticism, you've also managed to turn this entire game into a "Pay to Win" scheme, which only benefits your wallets and completely spitting in the faces of everyone who worked their butts off to get to where they are without in-app purchases. Not only that, you decide to completely eradicate the buffs that VIP's or "those who decided to spend only $20" on premium currency of the benefits of being a "VIP," a term now absolutely vague that purchasers of your "premium currency" will realize what a sucker punch to the face you gave them. For the past view events, have been an entire cash grab with little to no opportunity to advance without having to rely on your micro-transactions. Way to be so proud of yourselves for massively insulting all end-game players like me! Now do yourselves a favor and SEPARATE THE MARKETING TEAM FROM THE CREATIVE TEAM.

In other words, I quit.


  • kmobkmob Member
    They don't care. Instead of expanding titles with more games they think it's a good idea to keep bleeding money from savataging a 4 on 4 game with a small amount of rotating activities over and over by c-blocking gems and tokens. They keep hiring more people when they don't need to and think this is the way to fill those payrolls.

    It's just a,matter of time before this company goes under. And can't say I will feel a bit sorry for them.

    The summits are just smokescreen snow jobs to make the community feel like they mean something more than a bunch of sheel which in truth that is exactly what they are.

    It's amazing how shameless this company has become with its blatentdisregard to loyal paying customers.

    They don't deserve one cent of any of you people's money

  • Really, their biggest mistake, like every other game company from last year, is trying to supposedly please their “investors” when they should actually be pleasing their player base (namely us) for is it not the player base who helps to keep interesting games alive with ideas?

    Just look at Digital Extremes, they are open to ideas from the community (player base) and they have been in the good books and happen to be doing better than every other company you can imagine.

    But ask yourself this: If other game companies were just as open to ideas like digital extremes, wouldn’t that make said companies all the more better for it knowing they “could” have loyal players to back them when companies need them most?
    Total Zomminionation.
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