Might as well quit...

Call me a fool or whatever else you want, but I wanted the new hero and spent accordingly in efforts to 5* him. Because the only way to get tokens was the heroic portal, I had to get a few bundles.

I’d like to know the devs’ reasoning behind stars in the ascension requirements, and why EVERY hero in the heroic portal is what they went with, instead of bronze and silver heroes in the great portal and gold and legendary in the heroic. @Joel or @xtmn8r, any insight or explanation? I’m not a total hater, but some of the changes continue to baffle me and I can guarantee, will help to kill off your game.

I’m 60/150 on Jumbeaux, apparently 300+ heroic pills weren’t enough for even a 5*.

You’ve got some explaining to do.


  • i reallllly dont think you should have spent all that money on him, but it's fine. However, why did you keep going after 50? Eventually, the dev's will fix the game they broke. I hope.
  • really? the drop odds were 1.7% with out a 6* helper. 2.6% with a helper. Lets be generous and call it 3%.
    so even at 3% every 100 pulls you will hit 3 times. after the full unlock at 1star, you will get 10 tokens per pull. 300 pulls should statistically net you the unlock plus 8 more pulls at (80) tokens. abysmal. Has no one else done the math. 300 pulls statistically won't get you a 3 start hero.

    Is no one realizing how difficult or expensive this will be?
  • Never tell me the odds
    -Han Solo.
  • TopKnight wrote: »
    Never tell me the odds
    -Han Solo.

    My all time favorite is when Han Solo says "Trust me, Kid". That's when you know something really bad is about to happen.
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