I dread playing. Can't believe how not fun the game is now.

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There no goals attainable without dropping huge money. You can't get tokens any more without dropping money except in dungeons and after a while those are useless since the aether shop is garbage now.

The heroic portal is pathetic. Spending money for random things is a joke.

The daily quest are annoying now.

The events are useless because you can't grind enough tickets to get any thing useful. Though you can buy them. Same with the door thing.

Pvp matches are way too long since so so many heroes don't die, regenerate, or are unaffected by so many things. Plus the new heroes are so overpowered if you don't buy them and pay to ascend them you get crushed.

I use to look forward to playing. Now I dread it. I wouldn't give this company money now for any reason. Not this game or future games. At one time I bought the daily gem packs every month and would buy some thing small here and there. Way to kill a good game.


  • i feel your pain, this game just went from BOSS to BUST after the last update... like you i used to buy stuff in-game with real money every now because i wanted to support the devs but now not anymore... the devs of this game really showed their greed.
  • Look at age of magic. It's not quite as good but a lot like this game use to be. Much harder but you can grind it out.
  • Is selling accounts against the rules?
  • WasiWasi Member
    What’s not fun? Press a button to quick loot a dungeon 2000 times.... tap tap tap to salvage 2,000 runes, tap tap tap loot keys in the shop 509 times.
    The Potato Army
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