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I am writing you today because there is an emptiness that must be filled with guildies who still like the game and do max crowns. Maybe it will take 2...or maybe 3...or maybe 10...this guild has been around. Many have come and gone.

I know...I know what you are thinking...You are thinking, "Hey, why should I? I would rather join an established cult that has many mini cults. I want to be a part of a system. I want to be where the people are. I wanna see, wanna see them dancing."

Hey, it's ok little one. *as I pat you on the head with my understanding tentacle*

If you have read this and are interested in joining this graveyard of indecent proposals.

Msg me on:
Line - beavers_kleaver
Discord - Debauched.Magnetism
Em - [email protected]
In game - beaverskleaver
Or here.

P.s. you think I would have made it easier to contact me by using the same name.



  • Nope
  • Your recruitment poster disturbs me on multiple levels...
    (Backs away slowly)
  • Hahahahaha
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  • bvs72bvs72 Member

    Did you have trouble spelling bump?
  • No. I might have put something offensive after bump. Hahahahaha. @bvs72
    You know how it goes.
  • Zulkodd_666Zulkodd_666 Member
    edited March 10
    Do you think ANYONE is going to join your guild with your bizarre recruitment poster!? Also there’s a reason that people join guilds like the potato army. Which guild do you think does better in events???
  • Found the original comment
    Bumping uglies with Kargle.
    I guess I appreciate the edit...
  • drakesdrakes Member
    Do you think ANYONE is going to join your guild with your bizarre recruitment poster!? Also there’s a reason that people join guilds like the potato army. Which guild do you think does better in events???

    That poster definitely sets them apart from other guilds, sometimes people want something different. As far as which guild is best, that has a lot to do with your play style, everyone plays their own way and has different goals. Big guild families offer a way to work your way up to top event rewards. That however, requires huge participation which is definitely not for everyone.
  • That’s true. I’m just saying though, that poster will draw people away from the guild, not to it
  • @zulkodd_666 I have played this game since the beginning and have always recruited like this. I actually haven't had to recruit in awhile, but a bunch of old timers didn't like all the changes, and I really don't like to push people to spend money in events. You obviously are turned on by my words and poster, you are welcome. I am glad I could help you in putting a little color in your vanilla world.

    @drakes Thank you for your response to him. It is exactly what it is. I am not trying to be a potato or whoever else is in the top. I am just trying to get a group of people who still enjoy the game and can do max crowns and put effort without spending a ton of money in events. I also, don't want a bunch of boring people in my guild.

    Also, how do you have a name with 666 in it and are bothered by the amazingness going on in that poster? Hahahahaha.

    Can't wait for your response. I am sure it will be very informative and compelling. XoXo.
  • Hmm... well beaver, you’re right. You certainly can put whatever you want in you’re recruitment poster and I’m not one to judge, considering that I’m not that good at the game. I also didn’t want to put any disturbing or hateful comments on your recruitment page. Sorry about that. Maybe I sounded too judgemental when I addressed your poster... just because I thought it was weird or disturbing doesn’t mean that everyone thinks that... I guess. It’s also clear that you have been playing dungeon boss for a longer time than me, so maybe you would know better about how to recruit people... idk
    While I was surprised at you’re poster, I don’t think that has anything to do with my name. Anyway, you can recruit however you want, so I’ll stay out of it

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