Legendary Dark VS Light Event

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The Dark and Light heroes aren't holding back!

This event focuses on Aria and Pontifex Mortis, both of which have been reworked! You can read all about their changes HERE.

Each day during the event, you'll be able to choose Dark or Light and will get access to a special leaderboard, dungeon, and hero boost until 3pm Central Time the next day, when you'll be able to select a side again. You can change sides or pick the same one each day, the choice is yours. There also a guild leaderboard that lasts throughout the event and pays out Jumbeaux tokens, as well as some new runes!
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  • Threshold, or was that more lip service?
  • Here we go...
    I got credit for wins but not for attempts needed to complete day 1.
    At least one comment on chat about this.
  • Yup same here PvP for Raiding did not update after using Therand in 3 PvP attempts for me.
  • Another event. Another bug. Not surprising
  • SchnuppeSchnuppe Member
    edited February 22
    Ridiculous. Thresholds are the same as last time where only roughly 65 guilds got any reward.
    This time we have no stamina and no gems... it's a credit card event
  • Dark vs Light Day 1 Dark Training - Why not getting credit for kill when Balog is the dark hero I'm using?
  • @joel, Not getting credit for crowns for pvp attempts either....
  • sirtainlysirtainly Member
    edited February 22
    I will probably see what I can do without spending any money. When resources are done, I'll do something else.

    I'm currently 997th in the indivisual leaderboard
    Time to celebrate!

    I saw Jin Le is "boosted" in the heroic portal - boosted = 6% as opposed to 3%? Sorry I even looked.
  • This PvP bug is also happening with PvP crown quest. Most people like to win their raids not lose for credit. @somebodywhocares please fix. Don’t give to the tower guy to fix.
  • As usual, your event is screwed up. PvP is not working correctly.
  • xJokiexJokie Member
    edited February 22
    ^^yeah, Win 8 raids with a dark hero(quest day1) didn't complete unless you lose on purpose.. xD
  • WasiWasi Member
    edited February 22
    What’s the go with tickets / shop? Will old tickets carry over to the new event shop next reset? As they are mixed in with new tickets
    The Potato Army
  • They will fix it sometime tomorrow. Right now they are all at the bar laughing their a$$e$ off. “Wait until they find out they have to lose raids to complete quests! BaHaHaHaHa!”
  • Pay to Beta. You guys are brillant.
  • As a service to the community I have made my defenses as hard as I could. Please feel free to refresh until you find MaxBeamer or WalkinDude and I will help you complete quests.
  • Hey I think its rather ingenious for them.

    To complete some of the quests we have to win.
    To complete others we purposely have to lose.

    Either way, it costs tickets, the house gets its cut!

    The funny part is rewarding players for losing...it must be the new trend in mobile game theory...

  • Games are supposed to be fun and/or challenging. What is fun or challenging about quick-looting 400 dungeons to get a rune?
  • Tealstar wrote: »
    Games are supposed to be fun and/or challenging. What is fun or challenging about quick-looting 400 dungeons to get a rune?

    preventing mind numbing boredom.
  • Dark side day 3 quest loot in mountain dungeon but my lvl to low how to solve.

    Thank you.
  • Pick light next day and spam event dungeon
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