Well done potatoes

Excellent, well coordinated snipe. Congrats. We should have known you’d be sneaky.

I still give BF the finger for running this drain fest for a week, but you taters deserve props.


  • In before a confused muppet says he thought this thread was a recipe...
  • now I want a recipe.
  • Take 500 Potatoes and grind them in a airplane propeller.

    Once done, throw 50 Eggs at them and put them in a pot.

    Stir thoroughly for 3+ years and cook them above all the money spent by their guild melted down as gold for 32 seconds.

    Enjoy in the form of an omelet or a Macdonald’s Chicken Nugget.

    Here, now stop asking
    danac wrote: »
    now I want a recipe.

  • Potatoes should always be used to make vodka.
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