Masquerade Parade!

JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
Put on a mask and grab some cake, because it's time for the Masquerade Parade!

This event has a 10-day calendar that includes new skins, runes, heroic summons, and other loot. You can also take on a puzzling new scavenger hunt quest!

There's also a brand new ultimate skin available in the Aether Shop: The Plaguemancer Mortis skin! This skin gives Mortis a passive that inflicts diseased on all enemies, regardless of resistance or immunities at the start of battle, and the first time they die in battle (it will not activate if he is resurrected and dies again). The skin can also be obtained by opening all 20 doors with gold keys. This ultimate skin will be available in the Aether Shop from now on, it will NOT go away at the end of the event, but the quest WILL go away when the calendar goes away.

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