Masquerade Parade - Where are the Day 6 Quests


It is now over 4 hours passed the time when the event Day 6 quests should have gone live...still waiting for them.

Plus the forum website has been flaking out - crashing repeatedly

Can someone from DB please say something? Does anyone have a sense of what is happening and when fixes will be in place?

Thank you.


  • WasiWasi Member
    It’s the weekend. See you in two days.
    The Potato Army
  • IronsideIronside Member
    So are we to assume that the quests failed or that you will load them all at once on monday
  • You can assume they don’t give a **** because it’s the weekend, but they’ll thank you for your feedback on Monday. Not that they’ll do anything with it. Unless it’s an osbscure holiday- then they’ll go back to paying lip service on Tuesday.
  • Looks like @Wasi and @Monkeynuts are not see the day 7 quests either
  • They seem to be live now...
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