Introducing The Furnace's Epic: Pressure Cooker 2.0

JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
The Furnace has got a team, and he now has more steam than ever when you install Pressure Cooker 2.0!

Pressure Cooker 2.0 increases The Furnace's defense, as well as maximum health and skill to a lesser extent. On an Epic Attack, The Furnace will do a melee physical attack on all enemies for 2x damage with a chance to burn all enemies and wound the first target in addition to dealing a random Burn effect (burned, wildfire, demonfire) on each enemy. It also deals additional damage based on your pressure level.
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  • FireennFireenn Member
  • Phouka79Phouka79 Member
    Awesome! Now about those Gorgon epics....
  • sirolk99sirolk99 Member
    Cool epic for Furnace!
  • Ududu2Ududu2 Member
    Cool hope to see some cool construct specific runes someday soon
  • Looks neat! Any schedule on how long it'll take to come to boss island?
  • I like it, well done :)
    With unnatural fear he stirs up a fright, To scared to stay and fight
    The enemy fled, Only to be struck dead
    As his purging pyre lit up the night
  • sirolk99sirolk99 Member
    Minimum is 30 days before going to Boss Island, could be longer tho...
  • I still have no clue if Aria and Pontifex get an epic trait because nobody tells us :(
    But I saw that Furnace gets one. It is not listed here nor in the description of the epic. This should be mentioned, shoulded it?
    Epic Dwarven Forged: 15% damage reduction to all allies, doubled for armored allies.
  • Any timeline on this epic?
  • @Scroom407 check back after April 7th, hasn't been 30 days yet...
  • April 22th, furnace epic nowhere in sight.
  • @Joel any word on this epic being released to Boss Island near future?
  • Thursday will be 8 weeks
  • sirolk99sirolk99 Member
    Per Discord app summit yesterday, some time this week released...
    (PS - It's all done on the Discord app now, forum is pretty much dead at this point...)
  • SchnuppeSchnuppe Member
    Furnace' Epic is available on Skull Island today!!
    (PS - forum is driven by players and pretty much undead at this point...)
  • andynickandynick Member
    Thanks for echo'ing the information on this forum @sirolk99 & @Schnuppe -- I'm not plugged into the discord community so I appreciate it!!
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