Big'un Brawl Boss Battle!

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Kargle, the Covetous has slithered out of the depths to wreak havoc, but Jumbeaux and The Furnace are leading the charge against him!

Kargle is a reptile of simple tastes, he has no minion, and doesn't require courage to be challenged. Take him on with your guildmates for a chance at glory and lots of loot, including some amazing Ogre Runes! Jumbeaux and The Furnace both get a bonus against Kargle based on their star level, and their allies get half of that boost. Note: These boosts DO stack, so you'll want to bring both Jumbeaux and The Furnace into battle. There are also special Kargle runes available from quests and in the shop for gems that will allow any hero equipped with them to deal 5x damage against Kargle during the event.
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  • BlothBloth Member
    edited March 7
    20 pulls and ZERO Jum or Furn tokens. That is ****
  • uncalled for
  • BlothBloth Member
    Company man
  • sirolk99sirolk99 Member
    Pass on the Kargle rune...
  • I prefer the event runes that cost tickets so you have to grind some tickets before you get the event rune. I hate the pay 7,500 gems for a rune.
  • You can buy the Superior one for 4,500. Not as good, but should do the 5x trick. Agree that grinding for tix is better, but you can grind PVE and PVP for runes ... see quests tab.
  • Serious feedback here:
    I really like these events. I do. But I feel like they have so much more potential than what has really been explored. First things first, the boss just gets wayy too hard too fast. I think it would be better if the boss reset completely on a daily basis. That way the event doesn’t grow stale near the end because you can’t get more than a turn in before he wrecks you.
    Also I feel like the bosses have been too similar. It would be fun to mix things up with different strengths and weaknesses. I know that the pre-strike on the panda wasn’t very popular (I didn’t like it either), but that’s only because he would one-shot your poor heroes on those attacks. This would be solved if the boss reset daily. Couple of ideas:
    •Restriced heroes- for example, no water heroes.
    •Bonus element/class damage- Goblins do 3X damage against the boss.
    •Minions, like those in the lich king fight. They can make combos possible, like those in the Kang fight.
    •High energy environment- All heroes receive +1 energy per round, or even go crazy and let all abilities be charged every round. All I’m saying is that you can make these battles different from anything we see in pvp, and they can truly exciting if you let them.
    I’m just spit-balling here. Hope you guys consider my suggestions ;)
  • CP7212CP7212 Member
    Event quest crashes my tablet.
  • antoinetx wrote: »
    uncalled for


  • vouw07i7woi5.png

    Everything is Awesome....
    Just another nerd in the herd!
  • Huh, thought it said Kagle
  • I guess it does... Kagle... Not Kragle...

    I'm still going to call it a Kragle...
    Just another nerd in the herd!
  • PugsOfWarPugsOfWar Member
    edited March 9
    My understanding is that, for this event, the boss dungeon is supposed to become available once
    1. someone in the guild has defeated the boss OR
    2. The player's cooldown has ended

    I ran event dungeon 75 minutes ago and one of my guild mates defeated the boss 20 minutes later...why am I still in cooldown?

    Restarting the game did not help.

    Help would be greatly appreciated.
  • BlothBloth Member
    edited March 10
  • I ended up having to wait for someone in my guild to kill the boss a second time...then, I could get in there
  • ga4ooo2ga4ooo2 Member
    Havent played dungeon boss sinc play to win events just checking in if its still actual?
  • I guess it does... Kagle... Not Kragle...

    I'm still going to call it a Kragle...

    It's actually Kargle. I'm sure they tried to rip it off from Legos though.
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