General Question to all players

I thought it would be a nice way to put all our suggestions in one single thread:
What compelled you people, to play in the first place and for what reason did you keep on playing for this long (and if that reason doesn't exist anymore how can it be solved)?
For my part, I liked the fact that there were so many heroes and that they could be usable in different ways through different strategies.
I kept on playing because it felt like the grind was worth it. Take for example shade's release: I was barely VIP 2 at the time and I couldn't have access to the VIP portal. 3 months after release we were able to buy his tokens from events for the first time and I bought and kept on buying from events shops and the tower shop until after 4 months later I 6 starred him.
I will admit that now the grind seems way less generous than before but that is easily solvable by taking the heroic portal and reverting back to its old system: only 16-24 heroes in it until you fully 6 star them; the ones that you 6 star disappear from the portal and are replaced by higher tier/ more relevant heroes up until you star them all.


  • They are not going to change anything back. accept the game the way it is or move on.
    vote your displeasure on the app store and with your wallet.
  • @spiffymcbang I know they will never change it. The goal of the thread wasn't to start rant it was more about sharing good memories plus it's a genuine question I'm asking myself.
  • I hope they bring back what was taken for VIP members. I agree that the grind is no longer fun, or as easy to waste hours on lol. I may just move on from this game, a just hope I dont have to because of poor dumbed down gameplay. Most updates have improved the game, and made it more of a challenge. The last update is kind of how life direction is going, give the loser the same rewards as the winner so everybody is a winner. Not cool.
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