RESOLVED: Crashes in Lucky Leprechaun Event

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Update 3: Fix the fix that attempted to fix the fix that didn't fix the other fix.

Update 2: We released a secondary fix for the bug and are aware that a small number of players are seeing crashes again, but not as many as saw it yesterday. We are continuing to investigate this issue.

Update: This issue is now resolved.

Hey folks,

We're aware that some players are experiencing crashes in the current event and are investigating the causes. This thread will be updated when we release a fix for this issue.
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  • Hoping for a quick fix :/
  • I dunno, just crashed on me. Could be that dagrund is afraid of terrorstorm too?
  • " This is the horse and the hound and the horn
    That belonged to the farmer sowing his corn
    That kept the rooster that crowed in the morn
    That woke the judge all shaven and shorn
    That married the man all tattered and torn
    That kissed the maiden all forlorn
    That milked the cow with the crumpled horn
    That tossed the dog that worried the cat
    That killed the rat that ate the malt
    That lay in the house that Jack built."
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