Pick of the Dark

(This is exposition, if you want to see the actual suggestion, skip to the second paragraph) I have been looking through some of my old discussions and found a fan-made heroes post.I have decided to bring it up again but with a few major edits. The fan-made heroes post talked about continuing the rest of the ___pick family, but I think only one for the dark should be added.

My suggestion is a dark version of the picks. Some suggestions for the name are Nixpick, Noxpick, or Nyxpick.

I'm sorry if this seems like a ridiculous idea, but hey, I tried. Thanks for reading.


  • I don’t think we need any more picks
  • SoulEaterSoulEater Member
    what about Toothpick he would be yellow and have a golden tooth
  • Another Dark Demon? Ok since there are a lot of new burn debuffs, how about a dark-poison type? That’s what “Noxpick” sounds like, or ”Toxick”
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