aria ability

currently, aria's sand in the eyes had a cooldown of 3 turns. the off balance also lasts for 3 turns. its impossible to beat a defending aria without someone like valkin or samurai takumi. please at least make her cooldown 4 so we can get some damage in. she will counter and dodge forever until she wins no matter what.


  • Why not just bring someone like Valkin or Takumi?
  • RocksorRocksor Member
    edited March 21
    Don't forget Hansuke. She also can't dodge Lily's vines. So a team of Valkin, Hansuke, Takumi, and Lily should be able to take her out.

    Maybe this is a new player and can't get Valkin with the 6% boosted drop rate. But then again all the dwarves can't miss with dwarven resolve, even Rogar.
  • Cleansing, undodgeable hits.
    Although it may seem pretty OP, a lot of heroes have attacks that aren't dodgeable. Just switch 1 hero to deal with Aria.
  • mrdahlmrdahl Member
    Shade spirit link...
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  • sp1deysp1dey Member
    yeah but all my dwarves are not high enough ascended to do anything about aria. they’re nearly useless. same with my hansuke and lily. i also don’t have shade ascended for spirit link. it’s so hard to get anyone ascended now with the star requirements
  • WasiWasi Member
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  • #gladistartedthreeyearsago indeed
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