Aibell the Spirit Healer-Archon Update

After the introduction of Jin Lei, Craw, and now Archon this Banshee character needed to be reworked. The aim is a balanced healer who has a unique feel, and that brings the three existing spirit characters together, utilizing Ekko, Shade, and Archon's abilities, making an all-spirit team possible.

Class: Spirit Healer
Element: Water
Runes: Water, Water, Dark, Dark, Light
Attack +
Defense --
Health -

No Ascensions:
Well of Souls: Starts the dungeon with a stack of 3 Wisps. Whenever this character would take damage or receive a debuff, instead one Wisp is consumed. Cannot be purged, copied or stolen.
Spectral Charge: If on a team with Ekko, all enemies' immunity to Shock is ignored and Spirit allies have a chance to gain 1 energy on crit
Spirit Immune
Silence Immune

First Ascension:
Well of Souls 2: Starts the Dungeon with a stack of 6 Wisps.
Spirit Shroud: If on a team with Shade all Spirits can gain Shrouded when dark allies would and other spirit allies have +15% defense
Woeful Wail: Purges one buff on attacker when Wisp on this character is consumed and directs all enemy attacks "on random enemy" to this character.
Lingering Ghost: Whenever a Spirit on your team dies, all other spirits heal a little bit and gain one wisp.

Second Ascension:
Well of Souls 3: Starts the dungeon with a stack of 9 Wisps. Generates one Wisp on self at the end of each turn.
Spirit Shroud 2: Spirit allies have a chance to gain Shrouded on any Crit and other spirit allies gain +30% defense.
Woeful Wail 2: This character ignores enemies' immunity to Silence. For each Wisp consumed from this character, their attack and skill go up 5%, maximum of 20 stacks.

Shout: Basic ranged spirit attack with a chance to Silence.
Ghastly Call: Heals team a bit and grants them 1 wisp, effect doubled for spirits (Cooldown 5)
Banshee Cry: Silences opposing team, boosts spirit attack 30-70%, and all spirit allies attack 2 random enemies (Starts powered, cooldown 4)
Phantasm Boost: Heals ally (or self), cleanses 2 debuffs and grants 2 Wisps, effect doubled for spirits (Cooldown 6)

(NOTES ON THE WISPS: If Aibell has shrouded then the debuffs that would be applied do not consume wisps. Otherwise each time damage or a debuff is applied it will consume one Wisp, meaning that if Hansuke uses blade flurry and hits 4 times and also applies wounded, up to 5 Wisps would be consumed, purging up to 5 buffs on the attacker. The same applies to debuffs between rounds)
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