Lightbringer's March (NOTE: Next Week's Guild Crown Tournament Shifted!)

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NOTE: This is a five day event. To prevent overlap with the new guild crown tournament, a new crown tournament will NOT be started on Monday. Instead, the new tournament will begin on TUESDAY, and all players will be given a special quest that will allow them to easily collect 40 crowns to account for the ones they didn't collect on Monday.

Ready, aim, LIGHT! Reyla, the Lightbringer is leading the charge to celebrate her deployment on the battlefield.

If you beat or quick loot any campaign or event dungeon, you'll earn suns that you can spend in the event shop, and they'll count towards leaderboards as well! There is an individual and guild leaderboard that tracks collected suns throughout the event, and there are also daily leaderboards. The daily leaderboards are threshold based and reset each day with new goals and rewards for suns collected. We also have an event dungeon that costs 50 stamina but pays out 10x the normal number of suns if you want to farm them extra quickly. And of course there are plenty of quests to complete as well.

This event also features a new type of rune: Inhibitor Runes! These runes provide damage reduction against basic and Epic attacks.
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  • When is there gonna be more “community” based leaderboards...
    Total Zomminionation.
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