Aria model

Well dungeon boss is great game, sad you are ea property now (sad for players) but it's success for company, can't not point this,
hope in future will be added a few ways for free players, like pvp honor shop tokens return, and gems ammount in tower at least,
but your product is highquality and new updates (except most last money grabs) keep game evolving, great job
also can't point that new heroes models looks great and fresh,
but look at arias model,
her head is as big as 95% of other heroes, she doesn't have head punch or head smack, her head doesn't explode, so no abilities tied to her head size,
why she need such big head? It ruins game beauty and atmosphere
Maybe there is a way to make her head normal size?
Like make changes on existing model, or take black diamonds model or elf model?
Or add some info in card about her diesease at least.


  • When people call you the Queen of Dodge you’re head gets a little big.
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