I am Back (Possibly)

Hello peoples of Dungeon boss, It's a me, Mario!
No, but in all seriousness I wish to play again
I don't know what else to say
So much work.


  • don't bother unless you plan to spend hundreds of $, maybe even a few thousand.
    Rewards in events are not worth the effort put in and it requires real money to do well in events. Events no longer allow you to acquire tokens.
    Portal is a joke now, just a gamblers dream to try to unlock new heroes. the odds are horrible.
    The forum is dead. they moved to discord.
    This game is basically a money pit, there are better ways to waste your time.
  • Aw cmon spiffy. We still get to hangout with you.
  • ThundRThundR Member
    I am on the discord
    So much work.
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