I'm out.. Sorry Devs.. Sorry Community.. Sorry SeekersOnly guild...

Let me start with this. 3ys, Top 1000 in Hero Power, Top 600 in PVP with 1.3Mill Trophies, Top 700 in tower floors, Top 1000 in Boss Points, and VIP 6. I didn’t even mind tossing a few bucks at the game. I really did like this game because of what I have. I EARNED IT.. Hmm.. This makes the fifth or sixth event in a row where I cannot EARN a reasonable reward for playing. It has been said before, but I'll say it again. You Nerfed the game just like MK. Just some suggestions -> Give reasonable rewards for playing events. Make gems earnable so we can build Runes, and participate in PVP. Fix the tower or get rid of it. I feel like that drone ship “I still love ya”..
Seekerstone23 Out.


  • The trick here was to participate minimally and collect 500 gems. One of the more generous events :)
  • Games are fun when you PLAY and earn rewards and advance. If all you do is pay to advance, what's the point.
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