Taunt rune on agnon a waste?

I just put a start dungeon with taunt rune on Agnon. He starts with taunt but as soon as he turns to stone the taunt disappears. It's this a glitch or just another poorly designed part of the game? Did I just waste 9000 gems?


  • Granite form removes all buffs and debuffs. That includes taunt.
  • You can put a taunt rune on Lily (Grovy Guardian skin) and Selwyn.
    The denial of buffs for Agnon in granite form was requested by players (including me).
  • If you actually wasted 9k gems, you need to quit right now. Theres a reason you dont see agnon with taunt runes, at least anymore. Learn to pay attention mate.
  • I had no idea. I don't get on the forums much until lately when they ruined the game. It makes sense if the players requested. Frustrating but I can live with it. It was my fault. Death you sure are a cool kid. 2ish I studied the game like you do.
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