There is a day 4 quest in the current event that says, “Attempt 8 raids with a legendary hero.” Now in my particular case I happen to only have one legendary. Reyla the Lightbringer. Which ALSO happens to be the character that this event gives tokens to.

Here’s the problem: If I use Rayla in pvp raids, the counter doesn’t go up. Meaning I can’t complete he quest, meaning I can’t get the tokens for the hero I so desperately need it for.

Please fix this bug.

Thank you.


  • JdoogJdoog Member
    Also, quick note, it would be cool if I could somehow get 4 more Reyla tokens since that’s how much I have basically lost from this bug.
  • Use different legendary heroes??? It worked perfectly fine for me when i used pontifex and furnance
  • @Deathriftx read again!!! ;) Jdoog has only one legendary hero: Reyla.
    You know portal gambling is the only way to get another legendary...
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