773+ Attacks on My Dungeon

Thanks to this weekend's PvP event, My Dungeon was attacked 773 times (as of this post).

The next closest person in my guild was attacked 127 times.



  • Yep, and... ?
  • I got attacked by the same people about 5-15 times.
  • Not surprising during pvp tournament, considering people are doing 500+ battles in 4 days
  • Looks like these 500+ battles all took place in solring's dungeon :dizzy:
    My defenders are underleveled and have no runes (Zola!). During this "event" my dungeon was only visited about 100 times - in total.

    There should be an achievement and title for solring. Something like "The Plagued", or "The Haunted" or "The Most Obsessed Dungeon " :wink:
  • danacdanac Member
  • solringsolring Member
    Final count: 811 people decided that my dungeon was ripe for the picking...
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