Archon's Assault Fires Up Again!

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Burn with excitement with this week’s Archon’s Assault!
  • Archon is now boosted in the Heroic Portal!
  • Collect the special Embers, from quests and dungeons to ascend the leaderboards!
  • You can spend Embers in the event shop for extra loot.
  • There is an individual and guild leaderboard that tracks collected embers throughout the event, and there are also daily leaderboards.
  • The daily leaderboards are threshold based and reset each day with new goals and rewards for Embers collected.
  • There are Dark Enabler Runes available in the shop that give heroes Shrouded if they don't have it already for the duration of the event. Dark Enabler Runes that were purchased the last time this event occurred will also get this benefit.

Other Info:
  • This event also features Hero updates for Jin Lei and Archon as follows and can be viewed on their their hero cards (these are also mentioned in the recent patch notes):
  • Jin’s Approaching Storm respects immunities
  • Archon is now immune to Silence
  • The event ends at 8am Central time on Monday, April 29th, so get fired up this week!
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  • FireennFireenn Member
    Are they even trying to cover their money-grabbing scheme anymore?
  • Why hide or change what works.
    I figured they would be running out of money by now but obviously what they are doing is working to bring in the dough.
    Somebody is spending to keep this train rolling. Not sure who is so gullible but there are folks who will pay for any win.
  • I would love to see the $$ spent alongside the scores on the leaderboards.

    It would be interesting to know how many of the embers were purchased and how many were "earned".
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