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Hello everyone. I'm 3 levels away from unlocking my dungeon to get pvp battles. I've heard rumors going around that upgrading/accending heroes will hurt your chances in pvp. Is this true? I have a couple of heroes two starred and two of them are accended. I want to be able to enjoy pvp, but not if that means getting difficult matches because my roster level is too high. Will you experienced players help me?


  • Hello! Yes. This was true during the early days of Dungeon Boss. Players invented the "slow leveling" game to take advantage of this. The goal was to increase stars of heroes but keep the player level as low as possible to dominate other players' heroes with lesser hero stars. Each star gives the hero a stat boost. Nowadays it's up to 100% for 6 stars.

    But over time a lot of things changed. To build up a mighty hero you need hero stars, runes, ascensions and their epic. When you level up you will get access to better runes from events and the honor shop (around level 55-60), and you can unlock the hero's epic.

    With the last major update "the portal update" a lot more of things changed. Especially the availability of tokens, gems, stamina, and loot keys. It's much more limited now.

    You can still focus on bronze heroes and farm silver hero tokens from dungeons. But access to gold and legendary heroes is random by portal summons and events.

    The rarity of a hero grants them a stats boost (0% to 30%). At level 10 you will probably have a team of the "First Four": Willow, Rogar, Yasmin, and Stone Fist. You will notice that a legendary Grog-Gnog with 1 star will beat your 1 star heroes easily because of the rarity boost.

    Runes and more stars will change that. Rune power, the number in brackets after hero power when you do a scout, is the most important number in PvP.

    Long story short: At level 10 to 30 you will see a lot of random mixed teams with no or bad synergy. It's good to learn the basics (kill or silence the first defender, buff/debuff, then wipe them out). At higher levels (40-60 something) you will encounter better teamed up defenders.

    Join an active guild for free portal summons, excess dump gold in greater portal summons to star up bronze heroes and farm silver heroes. Spend heroic summons for the lastest, featured legendary heroes. The rest is random. Good luck!
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