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I understand that the game has changed overall, and it’s almost necessary to make in game purchases to have a good experience past a certain level but I don’t feel like the return on investment is what it should be for what’s being asked or given. To take advantage of many of the events and updates you need to purchase resources to in order to grind for a reward. The vip incentives past 3 are seemingly pointless as they mostly only apply to gem purchases (more money), many characters still don’t have epics and in order to ascend them you need resources to grind for or purchase (even more money) evos. Most comparable, popular mobile games seem to have a better emphasis on investment return but sadly I haven’t felt that in the past year. It just feels like we’re providing support by making purchases, only to be asked for more money when updates and events are rolled out.


  • sijiboisijiboi Member
    What’s the point of this forum if the developers don’t respond?
  • sirolk99sirolk99 Member
    They want to move everyone and everything over to the Discord app...
  • Noooooo to discord!!
  • sirtainlysirtainly Member
    I'm taking a poll on how long it will be before they give up that idea.
  • Hey Devs, can you please fix the dungeon replay button work how it is supposed to, it would be nice not having to leave dungeon, then reenter each time for dailies and farming. That would be greatly appreciated if you did fix it.
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